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Поставьте глаголы в Present, Past и Future Indefinite Tense Passive Voice;

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1. I (not to inform) about the latest weather. 2. (to close) the airport due to fog?

5. Поставьте в вопросительной и отрицательной форме:

1. There is something on the opposite direction. 2. I have received some information about the weather forecast. 3. Somebody interrupted me 2 minutes ago. 4. There is some penetration within the prohibited area. 5. I have something new for you. 6. Somebody has gone to the meteorological office.

6. Поставьте вопросы к выделенным словам:

1. You should reach 2,000 feet before turning towards Bella. 2. We sent our full call sign for two minutes continuously on 120.5 mc/s. 3. We were called by Prague Tower 5 minutes ago. 4. The British aircraft has just overflown the dangerous area.

Б. (устно)

7. Повторите за преподавателем команды:

1. You are to steer to base on course 275° true. 2. There are several small aircraft in the vicinity of the aerodrome space, watch for them to avoid collision. 3. Flight level you requested is not allowed, continue maintaining present level. 4. Some gliders are approaching the field. Proceed to the holding stack over IN beacon. You will begin let down procedure at a normal rate at 1530. 5. You are below glidepath, dangerous descent. Stop descending immediately. 6. Do not change your flight level: emergency descent at point Hotel. 7. If you are unable to retract your landing gear you have to carry out an overshoot procedure and land on runway 27 left. 8. The weather has not improved yet; your departure will be delayed for indefinite time. 9. Actual weather for Vnukovo at 2200 Z: wind 120 15 m/sec gusts to 20 m/sec, visibility 15 km, rain and snow mixed, icing in cloud, cloud amount 3/8 cirrus 5,000 feet, 5/8 altocumulus 10,000 feet, 8/8 nimbostratus 6,000 feet, QFE 732.2, temperature 0° С.

10. You are recleared to continue your descent to hold at 20 at 3,500 feet QNH 1014, your expected approach time remains 1806. 11. You are 2 miles from the approach end of the runway. You should be passing through 550 feet, your heading is good. Take over visually when runway in sight. 12. АТС clears Aeroflot 76250 from London to Moscow via R-l airspace to FIR. Cross Kilburn intersection above 2 (2,000 feet), Watford above 4, climb when instructed by Radar to flight level 330, 13. You are not allowed to leave my frequency until you are in contact with London Control. 14. If no transmissions received for a period of 5 minutes revert to London Airways. 15. For your information: the usable length of the runway to land is 2,000 m not more.

8. Переведите предложения:

1. An overshoot procedure: climb straight to 1,000 feet QFE then turn left to return to NDB at 1,500 feet QNH. 2. If radio contact cannot be maintained with Brussels Tower you have to relay position reports via any other ground radio station. 3. The minimum vertical clearance above all obstacles in the missed approach area shall be 30 m. 4. You are not permitted to land on runway 04, it is available for landing only for light aircraft. 5. Lightning was seen southwest of the field in the direction of the approach area to runway 05. 6. Start final procedure turn at 1,500 feet and check at outer marker. 7. Your flight will not be interrupted — you may overfly the dangerous area as soon as possible and advise. 8. Radial 267 leads from outer marker to NDB DS.

9. Ответьте на вопросы:

1. What position will the new course bring you? 2. How long did you hold before crossing the active runway? 3. Why were you to change your route of flight? 4. Where have you seen the jet plane? 5. What should your height be at 1 mile from touchdown? 6. Where is the thunderstorm moving from? 7. Where is the main centre of the thunderstorm? 8. How many persons will you be able to take from Moscow to Prague? 9. Why are you losing your altitude so rapidly? 10. Have you anything more for me?

10. Переведите предложения:

1. Я зашел неудачно. Разрешите выполнить процедуру повторного захода. 2. Связь с Лондон Контрол должна быть установлена немедленно. 3. Наш вылет задерживается на 1 час 15 минут из-за погоды. 4. Когда мы можем ожидать разрешения на взлет? 5. Я не могу установить прямую связь с Лондон Аппроуч; какие будут ваши дальнейшие указания? 6. Мы вынуждены сесть немедленно из-за неисправности двигателя. 7. Какую скорость снижения должен я установить до критической высоты? 8. Я ничего не слышу, увеличьте интенсивность передачи. 9. Есть какие-либо ограничения по курсу? 10. Эшелон 210 неприемлем для меня.


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