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А. (письменно)

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1. Образуйте три формы неправильных глаголов и переведите их:

come, take, have, be, leave, burn, hear, overshoot, make, go

2. Поставьте глаголы в Past Indefinite, Present Perfect, Future Indefinite Tense:

1. After passing Agadir we (to see) a Swedish aircraft flying near us. 2. Our left engine (to cut off) and we (to request) priority for landing. 3. We (not to come out) of clouds yet. 4. After landing you (to follow) the vehicle to the parking area. 5. I (to make) another attempt to land on runway 16. 6. Set heading 135, which (to take) you to ZH beacon. 7. How long (to hold) over SB beacon?

3. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на значения глагола to be:

1. The runway was covered with concrete. 2. ILS back beam is unreliable. 3. Our course will be restricted by height. 4. Something is moving ahead of me. 5. You are 3 miles from touchdown, your heading is good. 6. You are to change back to normal frequency. 7. You are not allowed to penetrate this area. 8. Your flight will not be interrupted. 9. We were down at 35. 10. The first 100 m of runway 31 were not available for landing.

4. Поставьте предложения в Active Voice:

1. You will be called again by Approach Control. 2. Our landing was accomplished visually. 3. The engines are started up and we are allowed to taxi to the holding position. 4. АТС clearance must be obtained before take-off. 5. A heavy thunderstorm is expected in the vicinity of the aerodrome.

5. Поставьте в вопросительной и отрицательной форме:

1. There are some changes in your route of flight. 2. I hear somebody speaking in the next room. 3. We see something moving left of us. 4. I need some assistance. 5. Somebody is calling you. 6. There are some restrictions by heading.

6. Поставьте вопросы к выделенным словам:

1. There was a jet current up to 15,000 feet. 2. We are able to take only 25 persons from Copenhagen to London. 3. The airport and runway lights are operating normally. 4. The wind blew from the north.

Б. (устно)

7. Повторите за преподавателем команды:

1. I permit you to proceed to Copenhagen via DI beacon, cross DI at 17, climb to reach your flight level over MN beacon. 2. On ground at 13. Advise the runway off. Turn right at the last intersection then follow the central taxiway to parking area Charlie. 3. If you have the runway in sight touchdown at the first white thre­shold line. 4. Your rate of descent must be increased to 10 m/sec to reach 1,200 feet at 25. 5. Do not acknowledge my instructions while descending on Precision. 6. You will be cleared to depart without further delay. 7. If it is impossible to establish direct contact with Stockholm Approach revert to Control. 8. Weather conditions at Shannon at 2050Z: surface wind approximately 210°—230° 2— 3 km/hour, visibility between 1.0 and 1.5 miles, moderate snow 8/8 at 700 feet, QNH 1017.6 mb, QFE 955.6 mb. 9. You are on final approach for runway 12 4 miles from touchdown, your altitude should be 1,050 feet on QNH 1012.3 mb. 10. Make an overshoot of 200 m not less, the first 150 metres are not available for landing. 11. The aerodrome is unsafe now, it is under construction till the second of May. Divert to Budapest. 12. Set course 135 in order to avoid the dangerous area. 13. I have no observation of your aircraft — turn left 45° for identification. 14. Penetration 10 miles within the prohibited area; set course 135 to leave this area immediately. 15. If you are short of fuel and unable to continue your flight I allow you to land at the nearest alternate.

8. Переведите предложения:

1. If landing cannot be completed within 30 minutes, leave the controlled air space on 318° at not more than 2,000 feet. 2. Intermediate procedure: fly on heading 055 at 2,500 feet for 3 minutes then turn right on to 250° descending to minimum of 2,000 feet overhead the facility. 3. Vertical separation may be reduced to 500 feet when aircraft is crossing an advisory route. 4. The thunderstorm cell is moving to the west of the airport along the take-off path from runway 25. 5. Return to the main approach aid at the transition level or lowest safe level and commence another approach without delay. 6. ILS glidepath is unreliable below 300 m. 7. Permanent interference on 124.5 mc/s—change to 118.7 for further clearance. 8. Due to work in progress taxying along runway 06/24 and taxyway 2 is prohibited for all types of aircraft.

9. Ответьте на вопросы:

1. On what frequency did you revert to Amsterdam Approach? 2. Is there any aircraft reported near you? 3. Did you park in Area С or F? 4. Why did you have to make an overshoot procedure? 5. Have you received all the necessary information from АТС controller? 6. Where is the thunderstorm approaching from? 7. At what altitude are you able to overfly the prohibited area? 8. Are there any military aircraft crossing Airway Amber 3 at level 220? 9. Did the Indian turbo-jet overtake you? 10. What separation are you maintaining above fog level?

10. Переведите предложения:

1. Вас понял, если я зайду неудачно, я должен немедленно набрать 600 метров с курсом 220°. 2. Почему наш вылет задерживается? 3. Я не могу передать ваше сообщение, адресованное САС 320, так как самолет не отвечает. 4. Гроза ожидается в районе аэродрома? 5. Мой компас не в порядке, прошу дать серию пеленгов. 6. Есть какая-либо опасность столкновения на эшелоне ЗОО? 7. Я намереваюсь сделать вторую попытку на посадку. 8. Мы уже потеряли оставшуюся высоту и идем на посадку. 9. Мы не будем производить посадку в Копенгагене, так как там нет пассажиров для нас. 10. Мы увидели самолет на некотором расстоянии от нас И начали быстро набирать высоту.


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