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Б. Для работы дома

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14. Определите, при помощи каких суффиксов и от каких частей речи образованы слова, и переведите их:

elevation, length, locator, width, maintenance, officially, strength, thickness, receiver, location, western, periodical, acknowledgement, central, intensity, equipment, frequency, entrance, indicator, indication, observation, lighting, direction

15. Заполните пропуски словами:

inspected, prepared, located, received, operated, indicated, connected, regulated, given, placed, covered, lighted, situated, corrected, equipped, elevated, informed

1. The airport is... far from the centre of the city. 2. The runways are... by taxiways. 3. The surface of the aerodrome is... with concrete. 4. The Obstructions are...by obstruction lights. 5. Runway entrance lights are... at runway level. 6. The light intensity is... from the Control Tower. 7. The runway lighting is... with high intensity white lights. 8. Taxiways are... by blue electric lamps. 9. The lights are... 0.65 m above runway level and are visible from all directions. 10. The air light beacon will be... during.poor visibility. 11. Light signals and other signals were... to aircraft from the van. 12. Surveillance radar element is... on the tower; precision approach radar is... in the middle of runway 22. 13. About 7,000 meteorological reports are... daily. 14. Flight forecasts and terminal forecasts for the airport are.... 15. Before take-off a pilot shall be... about weather conditions on route. 16. In the passenger hall arriving and departing passengers are... by passport- and customs-authorities. 17. Administration building is... at the airport. 18. All the ways to the aerodrome are... with gravel. 19. The strength or direction of the wind must be.... 20. Small beacons are... along the route at short intervals.

16. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту:

1. Where is Kastrup Airport situated? 2. How far is it approximately from the centre of Copenhagen? 3. When was the airport officially opened for civil aviation? 4. What is the area of the airport? 5. What is the elevation and surface condition? 6. What is the total area of concrete at the airport? 7. What is a traffic apron and where is it situated? 8. How many parking points are there on the traffic apron? 9. How are the runways connected? 10. What is the total length and width of the taxiways? 11. What is the length and width of runway 04? 12. What are the runways made of? 13. What is the thickness of concrete? 14. What is the strength of the runway? 15. What obstructions are there at the airport and near the airport? 16. How are the obstructions lighted? 17. What are the lighting facilities at the aerodrome? 18. What does the runway lighting consist of? 19. How is taxiway lighting indicated? 20. What does apron lighting consist of? 21. How can the light intensity be regulated? 22. What does the Air Traffic Control consist of? 23. What are the Radio Landing Systems at Kastrup airport? 24. Do you know any additional landing aids at the airport? 25. How many reports does the meteorological office receive daily? 26. Where are the observation stations situated? 27. Who receives metreports on route before take off? 28. Where are the arriving and departing passengers inspected by passport-land customs-authorities? 29. Is there any administration building at the airport? 30. What offices are located in the administration building? 31. What airline companies are located here? 32. What are the hours of service of the airport?

17. Вставьте, где необходимо, предлоги и переведите предложения:

1. Vnukovo airport is situated 30 km... the centre... Moscow. 2. The airport was opened.:.. the 10th... August, 1930. 3. The surface of the aerodrome is covered... grass. 4. This aerodrome is used... civil air traffic only. 5. The airport... 2 runways and 10 parking points covers an area... 50,000 m2. 6.... the hangars there is an apron. 7. Runway 12 is connected... the apron.,. 3 taxiways. 8. The runway is made... concrete. 9. Regular flights... Moscow... London began... the 15th... July, 1959. 10. I am 50 miles SE... the airport. 11. There are many offices... the administration building. 12. Approach lighting... the runway consists... 11 amber lights. 13. Threshold lights are placed... the beginning... the runway. 14. All the lights are elevated... runway level. 15. Runway lights are visible...all directions. 16. This parking area is divided... 3 sections. 17. The pilot is al­ways informed... weather conditions... the route. 18. The di­stance... the approach end... the runway is approximately 2,500 m. 19. The light beacons are... operation... sunset... sun­rise. 20.... departure

... abroad a passenger is inspected... pass­port- and customs-authorities. 21. We have no VOR installation... board. 22. The total surface covered... concrete is 600,000 m 2.

18. Поставьте вопросы к выделенным словам:

1. Before take-off a pilot is informed about weather conditions on the route. 2. Meteorological office receives daily about 7,000 metreports. 3. The airport authorities inspect all the arriving and departing passengers. 4. There are 10 parking points on the traffic apron. 5. The light intensity can be regulated from the Control Tower. 6. The air light beacon is in operation from sunset to sunrise. 7. All grass areas outside the strips will be unserviceable till the 10th of May. 8. The total surface with concrete at the airport was about 900,000 m2.

19. Составьте предложения по образцам:

1) to be short. The runway is short.

2) to be situated. Vnukovo is situated south-west of Moscow.

1. to be long, to be short, to be strong, to be wide, to be thick, to be correct, to be heavy, to be high, to be low, to be small, to be poor, to be moderate, to be thin, to be warm. 2. to be in use, to be in operation, to be in force, to be in order. 3. to be out of use, to be out of operation, to be out of clouds, to be out of zone, to be out of order, to be out of service. 4. to be visible, to be operative, to be usable, to be inoperative, to be possible (impossible), to be readable (unreadable), to be available. 5. from 12.00 to 15.00 Z, from 10,000 to 6,000 ft, from sunset to sunrise, from west to east, from north to south, from morning till midnight, from Monday till Tuesday, from June till October. 6. to be connected, to be placed, to be equipped, to be made, to be opened, to be covered, to be lighted, to be fixed, to be elevated, to be regulated, to be indicated, to be located, to be set up, to be given, to be prepared, to be cancelled, to be informed, to be inspected.

20. Переведите предложения:

1. WEF Dec 2nd 63 Aswan A/D 2358 N 3247 E will be opened for domestic operation. Hrs of service 0600/sunset. Elev 643ft amsl R/W concrete QDM 17/35 length 2060 mtrs width 45 mtrs sand strength 34000 kgs. 2. R/W 23/05 total length now 3350 mtrs, extention lighted by goosenecks. New threshold indicated by red lights. Threshold lights of R/W 05 still out of service ufn. 3. Cairo A/D Heca. VOR operating now in the new location 300919 N 312525 E. ILS resumed normal operation. LOG in the location 750 mtrs from the present threshold of R/W 05 subject to dev due to obstructions resulting from construction work on extention of R/W 05. 4. WIP for leveling R/W edges at Aswan A/D. All pilots should exercise care during landing and take-off UFN. 5. The indicated routes may be varied at the discretion of АТС. 6. Turn right on QDM 250° descending to minimum of 2,000 ft overhead the facility. 7. Minimum height to commence aerodrome approach procedure 1,700 ft. QDR run 2 min only. Final turn at 1,700 ft.

21. Переведите предложения:

1. Регулярные полеты между Москвой и Каиром начались в 1958 году. 2. Аэропорт находится в 15 км от центра города. 3. Аэропорт соединен с городом хорошей бетонированной дорогой (road). 4. В районе аэродрома имеется много различных препятствий, которые освещаются огнями в ночное время. 5. ВПП 29 соединена с перроном двумя рулежными дорожками. 6. Полоса сделана из бетона толщиной приблизительно 20—25 см. 7. ВПП обозначены белыми огнями, рулежные дорожки обозначены голу­быми огнями. Летчик хорошо видит эти огни с самолета. 8. Перед взлетом командир корабля должен получить информацию о состоянии погоды на маршруте. 9. На юге аэродрома расположены ангары и мастерские. 10. Общая длина всех ВПП около 12 км. 11. Максимальная нагрузка ВПП 21 около 170 тонн. 12. На ВПП снег толщиной 30 см. 13. Аэропорт принимает ежедневно около 80 самолетов различных компаний. 14. Время взлета зафиксировано. 15. На юго-западе находятся административные здания. В этих зданиях расположены различные службы; таможня, почта, метео­бюро и др.

22. Переведите предложения:

1. The Kastrup airport is equipped with the most up-to-date aids for air and ground operations. It has four concrete covered runways. 2. Runway 04-22 is the longest with a length of 3,300 metres. Runways 09-27 and 17-35 are both 1,800 metres in length. A green landing surface extends 500 metres along the main runway (04-22). Lighting on 09-27 and 17-35 consists of omni-directional low intensity elevated lights at 30 metres intervals. 3. The lighting is continuously variable. Long distance radar is available for civil air traffic. Its horizontal range is 200 km and the vertical range is 15 km.

23. Прочтите и переведите текст. Незнакомые слова найдите в словаре. Расскажите из вашей практики о загрузке самолета перед вылетом:

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