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Make sentences about the other soldiers.

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  1. A friend has just come back from holiday. You ask him about it. Write your questions.
  2. A friend has just come back from holiday. You ask him about it. Write your questions.
  3. A Read the text again quickly and complete sentences 1-6.
  4. A) Answer the following questions about yourself.
  5. A) Historical facts and events which were not known to the Prophet (pbuh) or his contemporaries e.g. about Zulqarnain, city of Ihram etc.
  6. A) Order the words to make sentences.
  7. A). Look at the calendar which shows his arrangements for the next few months and then make up sentences, as in the example.

What are you doing? What would you rather be doing?


Exercise 3 a)You haven’t decided yet what to do tonight. Look at the announcement of the events for the evening and discuss where you would rather go tonight. Follow the example.

A: How about wrestling or speedway tonight?

B: I’d rather go to the speedway. = I’d prefer to go to the speedway.

or I’d rather not see either.

or I don’t fancy either. I’d much rather see the football.

Now answer these questions.

1. Shall we go to the flying display or the dance theatre?

2. How about the circus or the concert?

3. Which do you fancy, the tennis or the greyhound racing?

4. Where would you rather go, the funfair or the waxworks?

5. I don’t really fancy the football. I’d prefer to go to the painting exhibition. What about you?

b)Read the dialogue between two friends. Note how they express their preference. Make up your own dialogues.

E Have yon decided yet? What do you want to see?

F A Moment of Peace' is on at the Continental. I'd like to see that.

E Would you really? Oh, I'd rather see 'War in Space'.

F Oh, no! The reviews were terrible.

E I know, but it sounds fun. 'A Moment of Peace' is in French, and I'd rather not have to read subtitles.

F Then how about 'California Sunset'?

E I'd rather not ... I can't stand Steve Newman.

F Well, you choose.

E I don't fancy any of them. I'd much rather stay in and watch TV!

Study the ways in which we can express preference:

Exercise 4 a)Fill in the gaps with ‘would rather’ or ‘(would)prefer’

1. Do you ............. reading magazines or books?

2. She .................. go to a disco than go to the theatre.

3. Jack ................. listening to the music to watching television.

4. He ............................... study History than Maths.

5. I .................................. the piano to the violin.

6. ............... you ............... to have spaghetti or steak for dinner?

7. I ............... see a comedy film than an adventure film.

8. .... you ........ going to the cinema or going to the theatre?

9. I ......................... to finish it today rather than leave it for tomorrow.

b)Use the correct form of the infinitive.

1. I would rather ……….. (to go) for a walk.

2. I would rather …. (not/to eat) anything fattening. I’m on a diet.

3. I would rather ……….. (to go) for a walk yesterday. But everybody insisted on staying at home.

4. I would rather …….. (not/to take) the bus, but I had no choice.

5. I would prefer … (to pay) cash rather than by credit card.

6. My mother would sooner… (to cook) herself than… (to go out)

7. My uncle would rather …………… (to watch) TV yesterday.

8. I would rather (not/to watch) any thrillers before going to sleep.

9. I would prefer …......... (to go) somewhere warm on holiday.

10. He’d rather ... (to meet) his friends tonight than ... (to stay in).

11. Mary would rather ... (to watch) Oscar. But all the rest decided to watch football.

12. He would rather ... (to surf) the Net than (to watch) a soap opera.

13. She would rather ……. (to drink) coffee but they had only tea.

14. We would prefer… (to buy) a cake rather than ... (to buy) candies.

15. I would rather ………. (to go to sleep) but I have to finish my homework in Practical Grammar.

Exercise 5Translate the sentences using ‘would rather’.

1. Я б краще зачекала тут, якщо ви не заперечуєте. 2. Я так втомився вчора. Я б краще нікуди не ходив, але не міг відмовити другу. 3. Я не хочу їсти. Я б краще поїла пізніше. 4. Ви б воліли відповідати першим чи другим? 5. Він дуже хвилюється. Йому було б краще відповідати першим. 6. Я б краще склав екзамен зараз ніж чекав і хвилювався ще годину. 7. Я б краще зробив все сам. Але вони не довірили мені виконати цю роботу. (to get the job done) 8. Можливо, ви б краще зробили це самі? 9. Я зараз вільний, тому я б волів допомогати вам, ніж просто чекати. 10. Я б краще поїхала до Криму, ніж в Одесу. Але батьки наполягли на поїздці в Крим.

Exercise 6Paraphrase the situations using either (had) better or would rather.

1. You would prefer to play tennis not chess.

2. You advise her not to invite him to the party.

3. You want to be left alone to read and don’t want to go out.

4. It would be more sensible for you to go and rest for an hour.

5. We should have waited for him at home.

6. I would prefer to go to Kyiv by bus than by train.

7. I would have preferred to ask you for advice. But you were abroad.

8. Your friend wears horrible lipstick. You advise her not to.

9. Your friend smokes a lot. You advise him to give up.

10. You don’t want to go to the cinema. You would prefer to go somewhere else for a change.

11. You say to your friend: “I don’t feel you should go to that party. You don’t know anyone there.”

12. I would have preferred to go to the party yesterday. Bur they decided to watch that boring movie.

13. You shouldn’t interfere with your brother’s business.

14. You shouldn’t have interfered with your brother’s business.

Exercise 7Make up dialogues using ‘if only’. ‘would rather’ and ‘had better’. Follow the example.

- I would rather marry John. He’s handsome.

- You had better marry Mike. He’s reliable.

- If only one of them would propose to me.


When the subject of would rather is different from the subject of the following verb, would rather (sooner) is followed by Subjunctive II.

Present Subjunctive II (V2) is used to express preference in the present or in the future.

Smb1 would rather smb2 did (did not do) smth

E.g.: I would rather you didn’t go to the party.

Past Subjunctive II (had + V3) is used to express preference in the past.

Smb1 would rather (sooner) smb2 had done (had not done) smth

E.g.: I would rather you hadn’t gone to the party.

Exercise 1What do husbands usually say to their wives?Complete the sentences, as in the example.

1. I'll cook dinner if you really want me to, but I'd rather you cooked it

2. I'll go to the supermarket if you really want me to, but ...

3. I'll wash the dishes if you really want me to, but...

4. I'll empty the rubbish bin if you really want me to, but...

5. I'll iron all the clothes if you really want me to, but...

6. I'll clean the bathroom if you really want me to, but...


7. I’ll do the washing if you really want me to, but ……….

8. I’ll pick the kids from school, but ……………

9. I’ll meet your mother at the station, but …………..

Exercise 2Answer the following questions. E.g.: Can I bring Tom with me? – I’d rather you didn’t. I’d rather you brought Mike.

1. Can I go alone?

2. Can I ring New York on your phone?

3. Can I drop the university?

4. Can I clean my motorcycle in the kitchen?

5. Can I tell Tom what you’ve just told me?

6. Can I park my helicopter on the roof of your house?

7. Can we hitchhike to Rome?

8. Can I put the goldfish in the bath?

9. Can I skip all the classes tomorrow?

10. Can we use your scissors to cut this wire?

11. Can we come in late tomorrow?

12. Can I go barefoot?

13. Can I have a snake tattooed round my ankle?

14. Shall we paint your door pink with yellow stars?

15. Shall I ring you at 3 a.m.?

16. Shall I threaten to burn down his house?

Exercise 3This is what wives often say to their husbands. Complete the sentences as in the example. E.g.: You forgot to congratulate my mom on her birthday but I’d rather you hadn’t forgotten it.

1. You went to the pub yesterday but I ………………

2. You didn’t throw the rubbish but I ……………..

3. You didn’t go shopping yesterday but I ……………

4. You went to the stadium to watch the football and left our son at home alone but I ….

5. You came home drunk yesterday but I ……………

6. You spent 1000 hrn on your car but I …………….

7. You spent the whole weekend in front of TV, but ……

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