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Ocule Objectives

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: « students' attention to the Module Objectives and

tnem which activities they feel most confident rxut approaching and which they feel least confident ;:cut. At the end of the module, ask students if they feel more confident about achieving the latter.

Resource used


ч arm-up

Li erase 1____________________


Food: barbecues, fish and chips, hamburgers, hot dogs, «зпдагоо steaks, roast beef Places: Big Ben, the Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon, Buckingham Palace, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Stonehenge, the Statue of Liberty

Sport: American football, baseball, basketball, cricket, football (soccer), golf, rugby, surfing

■ Students look at the photos and read the captions.

• Students work in pairs or small groups, reading the Key Words and discussing which country they are associated with. Students discuss whether they would like to go to any of the places, giving their reasons.

■ The groups feed back to the class and see which places most of them would (or would not) like to go to.


England: fish and chips, roast beef. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, cricket, football, golf, rugby Australia: barbecues, kangaroo steaks, Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru (Ayers Rock), cricket, rugby, surfing

USA: hamburgers, hot dogs, the Empire State Building, the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, American football, baseball, basketball, golf


■ Encourage students to look at each photo in turn and suggest adjectives to describe the place and the atmosphere there, e.g. busy, noisy, quiet, deserted.

\ / Exercise 2

a Play the recording once for students to listen and identify which country each speaker is from.


1 Australia 2 USA 3 England


f Mtm ШЖ

1 Our typical way of life? Well, we're an outdoor culture, a beach culture, you know. We spend a lot of time at the beach, surfing, swimming, eating, partying - we even have our Christmas dinner on the beach, you know! Ifs the weather, you see, always lots of sunshine. And as for free time, we're just crazy about sport - cricket, rugby, tennis. And we're good at sport, too! We've got great cricket and rugby teams. We love to beat the poor old poms. Poms, thafs our name for the English, you see. As far as food goes, well, we still eat lots of boring English food, but we've got more cosmopolitan food now from all the immigrant populations - Italian food, Greek

food, Vietnamese food. Holidays? Well, I guess most of us spend our holidays on the coast here - ifs quite expensive to go abroad, you know. Everywhere's just so far away!

2 Well, ifs a big, big country, so ifs kind of hard to say whafs typical. Like the weather - we've got all kinds of different climates. Our way of life, well, I guess ifs fast, so the food is fast, too, lots of hamburgers and hot dogs. What else? Er, I guess we watch a lot of TV in our free time - there are hundreds of channels on twenty-four hours a day. Er, we go to the movies a lot, too. Sporfs really big, of course. Our basketball, baseball and football stars can earn millions of dollars. Most of us go on holiday in our own country - ifs so big and there are so many spectacular places to visit. You should come and visit us!

3 Ifs difficult to say what is typical, as we've become such a multi-cultural society. Our weather hasn't changed though - still grey a lot of the time - and people still spend a lot of time talking about it! In terms of food, our traditional roast beef or fish and chips are not as popular as they used to be. People eat a lot more 'exotic' food these days: Italian food, Indian food, that kind of thing. Free time? If you go to a park any weekend, you'll see lots of people jogging, walking or roller-blading. There are a lot of fitness freaks! We like watching sport, too, especially football. And the whole country got really excited when we won the rugby World Cup in 2003. A lot of us go abroad for our holidays every year. The Mediterranean is the most popular destination, probably because their weather's so good. There you are - I've mentioned the weather again!

О Exercise 3

■ Play the recording again, twice if necessary, for students to listen and make notes about the five things.

■ Students can compare notes with their partner before checking answers as a class, Play the recording and pause it after each speaker for students to report the points they noted.


the weather: sunshine (Aust.); different climates (USA); grey a lot of the time, talk about it a lot (Eng.) food: eating on the beach, English food and cosmopolitan food (Aust.); fast food (USA); traditional food not so popular, more 'exotic' food (Eng.)

free time: crazy about sport (Aust.); watch TV/movies/sport (USA); jogging/walking/roller-blading, watching sport (Eng.) holidays: in own country on coast (Aust.); in own country (USA); abroad/Mediterranean (Eng.) sport: cricket/rugby/tennis (Aust.); basketball/baseball/ football (USA); jogging/walking/roller-blading/football/rugby (Eng.)

Exercise 4

■ Ask one of the students to read aloud the example sentences. Elicit one or two more sentences from the class.

■ In pairs, students list things to define the culture and lifestyle of their country. Advise them to use the headings from Exercise 3 and add other headings if they wish. Monitor and help with vocabulary, if necessary.

■ The pairs feed back to the class and see how much general agreement there is.


■ To read and answer questions on an autobiographical extract.

■ To practise using strategies for dealing with difficult words.

■ To discuss connotations of words and the difficulties of translation.

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