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Resource used. Routes through the material

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Routes through the material

»■ Short of time: give some of the Review exercises for homework.


Exercise 1

■ Ask students to read the story aloud, individual students reading a sentence each.

■ Read aloud the example sentence and remind students how the Third Conditional is formed. Elicit another Third Conditional sentence about the story.

■ Students work in pairs, writing Third Conditional sentences about John Smith's day.

Suggested answers

If John had got back to sleep, he wouldn't have overslept. If he hadn't been in such a hurry, he wouldn't have got on the wrong train.

If he hadn't got on the wrong train, he would have got to London earlier.

If he hadn't called a taxi, he wouldn't have got stuck in a traffic jam.

If he had had his wallet, he wouldn't have had to borrow ten pounds from his boss.

If he had got to work on time, his boss wouldn't have been angry.

If he hadn't been so tired, he wouldn't have lost four million pounds/fallen asleep at work. If he hadn't lost four million pounds/fallen asleep, he wouldn't have lost his job.

Exercise 2

■ Do the first sentence with the class.

■ Students then complete the exercise working individually. Students can compare answers in pairs before checking answers as a class.

■ Check students' answers by asking individuals to read aloud the sentences.


1 taking, get 2 got, take 3 made 4 get, have 5 get б take 7 made, get

Exercise 4

■ Check students' answers by asking individuals to read out the sentences.


1 with 2 on 3 on 4 over 5 up

Pronunciation: Vowel Sounds (3)

О Exercise 5

■ Students find the sounds and example words in the Phonetic Chart in the Mini-dictionary and say the words. Ask students to repeat the words after you several times.

■ In pairs, students read through the sentences and underline the letters which make the sounds.

■ Students then listen to the recording and repeat the sentences.


1 where /еэ/, homework /эо/

2 hope /эо/, realise /is/, serious /ю/

3 ideal /ю/, near /ю/

4 spoke /эи/, carefully /еэ/, clearly /ю/

| 5 noticed /эи/, own /эи/_____________________________________

Exercise 6

■ Students work in pairs using the Phonetic Chart to work out the proverb.


Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

■ Ask students what they think this proverb means (Don't put all your money/energy/skills into just one project in case it fails).

■ Ask students if they have got a similar proverb in their own language.

Check Your Progress

■ Students look back at the Module Objectives and discuss how far they feel they have achieved them.

■ Students discuss their answers to the three questions as a whole class. Give students your own assessment of activities they did well and any weaknesses you feel they still need to work on.




1 to go 2 to go 3 to meet 4 to go 5 to find 6 going 7 to get 8 to find 9 talking 10 dancing 11 to see 12 to give 13 to get 14 sharing


Exercise 3

■ Students do the exercise working individually.

■ Check answers by asking individuals to read aloud the sentences.

•с г.le Objectives

rrjdents' attention to the Module Objectives. Ask

- - - -rich of the activities they have done in their

j-guage, e.g. writing curriculum vitae, doing wtarviews.

--•dents which activity in the Module Objectives 1 expect to find most difficult and which they expect тяй the easiest. At the end of the module, students

— • their predictions were correct.

Ijscurce used

Ibsette/CD. iackground

-г.: - ilogical analysis of different character types xgests the following ideal jobs:

;*ople good at dealing with other people (helpful/ : rrent/generous): doctor, nurse, teacher, social worker

- ;-actical people (reliable/organised/logical/careful): jxountancy, computers, machines, working with plants

x animals

- reative people (emotional/creative/flexible): : urnalist, designer, artist, writer

- dynamic people (strong/confident/motivated): : rectors, leaders, managers.

wany jobs, of course, combine different skills and



Exerase 1 _______________________________________


KEY WORDS: Personality adjectives (2) brave, careful, creative, confident, dynamic, emotional, flexible, generous, hard-working, helpful, logical, motivated, organised, patient, practical, reliable, sensitive, sympathetic, tolerant

■ As a whole class, students look at the photos and identify the jobs (Answers: A film director В engineer С barrister/lawyer D vet).

■ Give students time to read through the Key Words and use the Mini-dictionary to check meaning and pronunciation. Then ask individuals to read aloud the Key Words.

■ Read aloud the example sentences. In small groups, students discuss what sort of person would be suitable for the jobs in the pictures.

■ The groups then feed back to the class, giving reasons to support their answers.

Tapescript See page 147.

О Option

■ Divide the class into five groups. Play the recording again for each group to focus on one of the dialogues, to listen for extra details.

■ The groups then tell the class their extra information, e.g. in dialogue 1, students spell the name of the hotel guest and say how long he is staying.

Exercise 3

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