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Luwirce usedleiette/CD. 1 art ground

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• oung (born 1979), British pop singer, winner of Idol in 2002.

-•г song So You Want To Be a Rock and Roll Star by R.

* : . nn and C. Hillman (Tickson Music Co., 1966) was -ci -ally recorded by The Byrds.

:e that it is advisable to check that the website --?~ed to at the end of the Background text is still grating and is suitable material for your students.

■ < students to look at the photo and answer the first -•o questions. Encourage students to speculate about -те kind of lifestyle the singer in the photo has.

• Students then discuss questions 3 and 4. If appropriate, -traduce some of the vocabulary of jobs in the pop -"dustry that students will meet in the background texts, e.g. session musicians, composers, technicians.

• students to discuss the advantages and rsadvantages of being famous (in any area of work, not :nly in the pop music industry).

ixvrise 2

• *ead through the statements with the students.

• Students work individually, reading the background -■formation to find out if the statements are true or


Culture Corner 8

• When checking students' answers, ask them to correct the ^alse statement.

students that the last word in a line often rhymes with the end of another line in the song or poem.

■ Play the recording several times for students to listen and complete the gaps.

■ Ask individuals to read aloud the lines containing the missing words. Check spelling and pronunciation of the answers.

■ Explain the meaning of any new words or encourage students to guess the meaning from the context (e.g. go downtown, insane, public acclaim).

■ After checking students' answers, play the song again for students to listen and join in if they wish.


1 guitar 2 hair 3 soul 4 charts 5 fame 6 money Exercise 5

■ Working individually, students refer to the song and put the stages of a rock star's career in the correct order.


lb 2d 3a 4 e 5c


■ Working in small groups, students discuss and write four or five stages in a singer's career that they all know about. Some of the stages may be the same as those in Exercise 5 and other stages may be different. Monitor, helping with vocabulary if necessary and pointing out any language errors for students to correct.

■ The groups then tell the class the name of their singer and read aloud the stages of his or her career.




1 F (We are not told if Pop Idol 'selected' the ten thousand participants or if they were all 'talented'.) 2 T 3 T 4 T

5 T


■ Give students time to read through the text again, slowly and carefully, to check that they understand the vocabulary. Students can use the Mini-dictionary or ask you about any new words.

■ Draw students' attention to the underlined expressions below from the text and ask students to translate them into their LI:

1 he was on his way to becoming (a fabulously rich young man)

2 specialist training can provide a way in to (the music business)

3 They earn a good living behind the scenes (as session musicians)

Exercise 3

■ Read aloud the questions. Students work in small groups, discussing their answers to the questions. Students with access to the Internet (at school or at home) can find out about studying pop music at university in their country.

■ The groups feed back to the class. Students can find out how many of them like programmes like Pop Idol and how many do not.

«, Exercise 4

■ Give students time to read through the song and guess some of the words that could complete the gaps. Remind

Review 8




■ To check and consolidate grammar studied in this module: Reported Speech.

■ To revise expressions with do, make, have and get.

■ To revise multi-part verbs.

■ To revise the use of job(s) and work.

■ To practise elision in sentences. Resource used


Routes through the material

>■ Short of time: give some of the Review exercises for homework.


Exerase 1

■ Read aloud the example answer and do the second item with the whole class.

■ Students complete the exercise working individually.

■ Check answers by asking one student to read the direct speech and another to read the reported speech.


2 She said she had never used that program before. 3 She asked me if I could give her a lift to the station. 4 He said he lived in Wales because he had got tired of living in London. 5 Jenny said Sam was working for a small company in Manchester. 6 Frank said he had taken the day off work the day before because he had had a temperature. But at that time he felt a lot better. 7 She asked me to give her time to think about it. 8 He told me he had been working all day so he would come swimming with me if it didn't rain. 9 Pete told Kathy he wouldn't go unless she joined him. 10 The police officer ordered the man to get out of the car immediately.

Exercise 2

■ Give students time to think and write down their sentences.

■ Students can read their sentences to their partner before choosing a sentence to read to the class.

Exercise 3

a Read through the list of verbs with the class.

■ Advise students to read through all the sentences quickly before they start completing them. Students do the exercise working individually, then compare their answers in pairs.


Answers 1 make 2 got 3 does 4 do 5 makes б got 7 do 8 made, made 9 got

1 told 2 announced 3 asked, said 4 ordered 5 explained б begged


Exerase 4

■ Complete the first sentence with the class.

■ Students do the exercise working individually.

Exercise 5

■ Check answers by asking individuals to read aloud the sentences.


1 down 2 up 3 up 4 up 5 up б down


■ In pairs, students choose two or three of the other phrases and write sentences containing them, e.g. I took out a book about India from the library. Monitor and help students correct any errors.

■ The pairs then form groups of four or six and read each other's sentences.

Exercise 6

■ Students do the exercise working individually or in pairs.


1 jobs 2 work 3 job 4 work 5 job б jobs

Pronunciation: -ее/endings О Exercise 7

■ Play the recording several times, pausing it appropriately for students to write down the full sentences.

■ When checking answers, point out how some of the sounds (underlined in the tapescript) are not sounded but join the next sound.

Tapescript and answers

1 She ask(ed) Dave to come early.

2 I explain(ed) to her why I was late.

3 Sue ask(gji) them to help her.


4 The government announce(d) two new laws.

5 They advise(d) Daniel to stay at home.

6 They order(ed) drinks before they sat down.

7 I beg(ged) them to give me a lift.

■ Play the recording several times for students to listen and repeat the sentences quickly with the correct elision.

Exercise 8

■ Students work in pairs using the Phonetic Chart to work out the proverb and then they say it.


Time is money.

■ Ask students what the proverb means (Time is valuable and costs money) and if they have a similar saying in their own language.

■ Ask students what sort of people would say this.

Check Your Progress

■ Students look through the module and say which activities they found useful and enjoyable and any they had problems with.

■ Students look through the grammar lessons and say if there are any areas they feel they need to revise.

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