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Get off the ground

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- to make a successful beginning

We were unable to get the new product off the ground but we will try again next year.


Give (someone) the green light

- to give someone permission to go ahead or proceed with something

Our boss gave us the green light to begin work on the new sales campaign.


Go belly up

- to go out of business because of financial problems

The small computer company went belly up several months ago.


Go over the books

- to check and analyze the accounting records of a company

We hired an outside accountant to go over our books.


Go public

- to become a public company and to sell the company stock to the public

The stock of the Internet company rose very quickly after the company went public.


Go through with (something)

- to do something as planned or as agreed, to finish something

We will go through with our plans to build the new product.


hang out one's shingle

- to open one's own business (usually as a professional in some field)

My friend decided to hang out his shingle as a dentist soon after he finished school.


A hard sell

- a way of selling something that is very aggressive and uses much pressure

The car salesman gave us a hard sell so we went to another car dealer.


Have a stake in (something)

- to have part ownership of a company or other business

The large oil company has a stake in the new oil exploration company.


Have good contacts

- to know people who can help you get a job or do some kind of business

The salesman has good contacts and always sells many products.


have one's finger in the pie

- to be involved in something, to receive money for something

The new manager has his finger in the pie of many small businesses.


Have the floor

- to have permission to speak in a meeting

The president had the floor for almost an hour during the meeting.


Heads will roll

- someone will be punished

Heads will roll when our boss learns about the money that we have lost.


Hold a meeting

- to conduct a meeting

We plan to hold a meeting next week to discuss the problems with our new product.


In black and white

- in writing

The company refused to deal with the customer's complaints until they were in black and white.


In charge of (someone or something)

- to be in control of someone or something, to be responsible for someone or something

My sister has been in charge of buying supplies at her company for many years.


In short supply

- not enough of something, less than the amount or number needed

Experienced computer programmers are in short supply in our company.


In stock

- available or ready to sell or use

The store does not have any printer ink in stock.


In the black

- to be successful, to be making money, to be profitable

The new company has been in the black for many years.


In the long run

- over a long period of time

The company has been losing money recently but in the long run they should make a profit.


In the loop

- part of a group of people that is kept up-to-date with information about something

I began to work in the evenings and I was no longer in the loop at our company.


In the market for (something)

- to be ready to buy something, to want to buy something

We are in the market for a new computer.


In the red

- to be losing money, to be unprofitable

The company has been in the red since the price of oil began to rise rapidly.


In the works

- to be in preparation, to be in the process of being planned or developed

The camera company has a new camera in the works but nobody knows about it.


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