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VIII. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

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1. Solicitors act as legal advisers, but they are also the side of legal profession whose job it is to provide detailed records of a process as it progresses.

2. Solicitors may be fortunate enough to have some ideal clients, but not every client has a family fortune to protect or bequeath.

3. It may not be long before solicitors will be given the same rights of audience as barristers.

4. The Law Society is the professional body to ensure that solicitors work properly.

5. Everyone who does not have some special exemption and who wishes to qualify as a solicitor must also take a legal practice course and must then enter into a two-year training contract with a firm of solicitors.


IX. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions from the box.

on behalf of (on smb’s behalf) (2); in (3); of (4); to (2); for (1); with (3); from (1); by (1); after (1)

1. At one time solicitors were people who were paid to solicit ______ their clients ______ the Court of Chancery.

2. It is essential that solicitors should have a good knowledge ______ the law.

3. As recorders, solicitors are expected to organise a record ______ what happens ______ a case.

4. Family solicitors are sometimes thought ______ as ‘country solicitors’.

5. Family solicitors are sometimes referred ______ as ‘high street solicitors’.

6. Very often solicitors assist employees and employers ______ cases involving allegations ______ unfair dismissal, or claims ______ redundancy payments.

7. As advocates, solicitors actually go ______ court and present and argue cases ______ their clients’ ______ .

8. Solicitors must comply ______ certain rules made ______ the Law Society as to how they should look ______ their clients’ money and assets.

9. The solicitor’s relationship ______ a client is usually more personal than that ______ a barrister.

10. Anyone ______ a degree ______ law will receive exemptions ______ certain examinations and move quickly ______ a legal practice course.


X. Translate the sentences from Russian into English using the active vocabulary.

1. Когда солиситоры ведут дела в судах высших инстанций, они должны надевать мантию.

2. Доказывание завещания – это юридическая процедура, в результате которой устанавливается правильность составления завещания.

3. Предполагается, что адвокат-стажёр в ходе своей стажировки в адвокатской фирме получит практический опыт в нескольких, как правило, в пяти, областях права.

4. Если клиент подаёт жалобу на адвоката, она должна быть рассмотрена независимой комиссией, которая может порекомендовать Коллегии адвокатов принять санкции (меры) по отношению к этому адвокату.

5. Обычно солиситор выбирает барристера, подходящего для данного дела, а в наиболее сложных случаях помогает ему представлять и доказывать дело в суде.


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