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Additional work to the analysis of Airmiles pie chart

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From what it’s evident on the page 64, top diagram about the products that my respondents spend their airmiles on, there were 43% of the respondents, who said that they don’t use airmiles.

This could have been due to the fact, that they might not be flying enough in order to get the sufficient. However, I have worked out the mean frequency distribution for the length of flights and how often/frequently they fly, provided below. The data provided below suggests, that they have been travelling enough, in order to obtain airmiles, but the fact that they don’t use airmiles can due to several reasons:



Mean Frequency Distribution for the type/length of my respondents' flights
№ of hours Mid-point Frequency Frequency*mid-point
a) Long-haul flights 8 to 24
b) Medium-haul flights 3 to 7
c) Short-haul flights 0 to 1 0.5 0.5
Total: 21.5 164.5
(frequency*mid-point)/frequency= 164.5/25= 6.58  
6.58 hours- is an estimted length of the flight that most of my respondents use


Mean Frequency Distribution for how often my respondents fly
№ of times Mid-point Frequency Frequency*mid-point
a) 1-2 times a year 1 to 2 1.5
b) 3-5 times a year 3 to 5
c) Other 5 to 12 8.5 93.5
Total: 129.5
(frequency*mid-point)/frequency= 129.5/25= 5.18  
approx.= 5 times a year is an estimated number of times when my respondents fly per year



Mean Frequency Distribution for the 'other' types of flights that my respondents choose
out of 44% of those who chose 'other'
№ of times Mid-point Frequency Frequency*mid-point
a) 6-8 times 6 to 8
c) 10-12 times 10 to 12
f) 16- 20 times 16 to 20
(frequency*mid-point)/frequency= 97/10= 9.7    
approx.= 9.7 times a year is an estimated number of times when the respondents who
chose 'other' flyper year      



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