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Rewrite each extract in your own words.

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I noticed your advertisement in the Daily Planet amd I would be grateful if you could sned me further information about your products My company is considering subcontracting some of its office services and I believe that you may be able ot supply us with a suitable service. Looking forware to hearing form you. Yours faithfully.


Thank you very much for your letter of 15 January, which we received today. In answer to your enquiry we have pleasure in enclosing an information pack, giving full details of our services. If you would like any further information, do please contact me by phone or in writing and I will be pleased to help. I hope that our services will be of interest to you and I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely,
There are a number of queries that I would like to raise about your products and I would be grateful if you could ask a representative to get in touch with me with a view to discussing; these queries and hopefully placing an order if the queries are satisfactorily answered.

15. Write a letter to your foreign partner. In your letter:

- introduce yourself;

- say `thank you` to your partner for the information he has given you in the previous letter;

- assure your partner that you are ready for long cooperation with his firm.



GRAMMAR ( Prepositions of Time)


Exercise 1. Look at the examples and complete the rule for the use of at, in and

on to talk about time:

In 2010 in May

In the morning at 5.15

At lunchtime on Sunday

On Monday afternoon

At Christmas at the weekend


_____+ clock time

_____+ part of a day

_____+ part of a particular day

_____+ particular day

_____+ weekend, public holiday

_____+ longer period

Exercise 2. Only one of these expressions has a preposition. Which one?

1. I`ll see you _____ next Monday.


Lesson 7. Business letter.


2. I`m not free _______ this Thursday.

3. Tell me ______ what time it starts.

4. The exam`s ________ my birthday.

5. Let`s meet ______ one weekend.

6. I train ______ every day.

7. She phoned ______ this evening.


Exercise 3. Put in at, in, on or -:

1. ______ Easter


2. _____ Tuesday

3. ______2010

4. _________ the evening

5. ______ Friday evening

6. ______ May

7. ______ next Wednesday

8. I don`t know _______ what time

9. _____ supper time

10. _______ this Sunday

11. ______ that afternoon

12. ______ Sunday afternoon


Exercise 4. Put the correct preposition:

1. I`ve spent the day _____ York.

2. Why don`t you take Joe _____ the cinema?

3. Your key`s ______ the reception desk.

4. We usually meet ______ the pub.

5. They`re delivering the furniture _____ my flat on Tuesday.


Lesson 7. Business letter.



6. What`s the easiest way to get _____ Bristol?

7. Stop shouting _____ me.

8. Throw the keys down _____ me and I`ll let myself in.

9. Let`s throw snowballs _____ Mrs Anderson.

10. Can you shout _____ Paul and tell him it`s supper time?


Exercise 5. Complete the sentences with by or until:

1. Can I stay _____ the weekend?

2. Yes, but you`ll have to leave ______ Monday midday at the latest.

3. This form must be returned ____ April 15.

4. We`ll just have to wait _____ he`s ready to see us.

5. The books have got to go back to the library ______ Tuesday.

6. Do you think you can finish the painting _____ Easter?

7. Can I borrow your raincoat? _____ when?

8. You ought to use this meat _____ tomorrow.

9. There won`t be any trees left ______ the year 2050.

10. She went on screaming ______ somebody came.


Exercise 6. Put in for or during:

1. Drinks will be served _____ the interval.

2. I`ll come to see you ____ a few minutes ____ the afternoon.

3. They met _____ the war.

4. He said nothing ____ a long time.

5. I woke up several times _____ the night.

6. She studied in America _____ two years.


Lesson 7. Business letter.



Exercise 7. Put in opposite or in front of:

1. There`s a supermarket _____ my house.

2. ______ me in the queue there was a very strange-looking woman.

3. I can`t see the TV if you stand _____ it.

4. The lifts are directly _____ the reception desk.

5. Somebody`s parked _______ my garage door, and I can`t get my car out.

6. She sat down _____ me and started talking to me.


Lesson 8. Business correspondence.



Lesson 8

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