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Lesson 1.A Visit of a foreign partner.



1. It′s possible to use Mr, Mrs. or Miss on its own, or with a first name.

2. It′s possible to introduce yourself by saying your family name then you first


3. You can always use someone′s first name to talk to them, even if you don′t

know them very well.

4. Ms is being used more and more as a title for women.

5. You can show your qualifications after your name on your business card.



▪ How are names used in business in your country?



GRAMMAR ( Present Simple, Continuous and Perfect

Tenses )

Exercise 1. Underline the most suitable verb form in each sentence.

1. What sort of work do you do / are you doing ?

2. I can′t talk now. I sign / am signing the agreement.

3. Do you like / Are you liking meeting partners?

4. What do the people here do / are the people here doing in the evenings?

5. A lot of people think that he earns / is earning a lot of money.

6. Excuse me, do you read / are you reading your newspaper ? Could I borrow it?


Exercise 2. Fill in yet or already, since or for:

1. He has known her …. 1990.

2. She hasn′t finished her work … .

Lesson 1.A Visit of a foreign partner.


3. I have … seen this manager.

4. We have worked together …. 8 years.

5. He has been in Madrid … ten years.

6. They have …. met him.

7. I′ve been in Germany … a long time.

8. We haven′t found a financial manager …. .



Exerrcise 3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense ( present simple, continuous or perfect ):

Arthur: I 1) … .. (search) for a house now but so far I 2) …. (not / find) anything


Sandra: Why 3) ….. (you / want) to move?


Arthur: Well, the people living next to me 4) ….. (be) the main problem. They 5)..

(always / argue), especially at night.

Sandra: Oh dear! 6) ….. (you / ever / complain ) to them ?


Arthur: Yes, but they 7) ….. (not / stop ). They 8)…. (keep on) making noise.

I 9) ….. (not / be able) to sleep well lately, and I 10)….. (feel) sleepy all


Sandra: How awful!


Exercise 4. Translate the following into English:

1. Цей чоловік веде бізнес у Лондоні.

2. Ми щойно уклали угоду.

3. Вони в цей час обговорюють цікаву пропозицію.

4. Ця компанія має кваліфікованих працівників.


Lesson 1.A Visit of a foreign partner.



5. Я не бачив вас цілу вічніcть.

6. Ми знайшли спільну мову.

7. Що саме кожна компанія збирається зробити?

8. Рада директорів вже обговорила всі умови оплати.

9. Ваша компанія має міцну позицію на ринку?




Lesson 2. Arranging an appointment.



Lesson 2


Exercise 1. Read the following dialogues and pay attention to the words in bold:


- Good morning.

- Good morning. Is this Mr.Howard′s office? I was wondering whether Mr.Howard

could see me. My name is Bool.

- Mr. Bool, I am very sorry, but I′m afraid Mr.Howard hasseveral engagementsto-

day. He is in the meeting now and he hassome other appointmentsthis after-


- Then would you kindly make an appointment for me ?

- Yes, certainly. I′ll just look in my diary. Now, would Friday at three-fifteen suityou?

- No, I′m afraid I won′t be in town on Friday.

- Then would you be able to come on Monday at eleven?

- Yes, that would be quite all right.

- Good. I′ll make it for eleven o’clock on Monday, then.

- Thank you very much.



- Do you haveany engagementsfor Saturday evening?

- No. Why?

- Would you come and have dinner with me and my wife?

- That′s very kind of you. I′d love to. What time shall I come

- About seven o’clock. Is it all right with you ?


Lesson 2. Arranging an appointment.


- Yes, it′s all right with me.I′ll be there about seven.


Exercise 2. Learn new vocabulary:

to have an engagement – бути зайнятим, мати ділову зустріч

to be in the meeting – бути на зборах

to have an appointment – мати (ділову) зустріч

to make an appointment – призначити (ділову) зустріч

diary – щоденник

suit smb. – підходити, влаштовувати

Is it all right with you? – Це вам підходить?

It′s all right with me. – Це мене влаштовує.

confirm – підтверджувати

postpone –відкласти, перенести

to fix the date – призначити дату

convenient for smb. – зручно для кого-небудь

to have a chat – поговорити, побалакати

Hold the line. – Не кладіть трубку.

to remind of - …нагадати про…

Care to join me? – Хочеш до мене приєднатися?

instead of me - замість мене

Are you engaged? – Ви зайняті?

What has happened? - Що трапилось?

early next week – на початку наступного тижня.


Exercise 3. Translate and reproduce:

1.– Алло, це 1-2-1-0-0-3-8?

- Yes. Who is speaking, please?

- This is Fred Smiler. May I speak to John Fisher?

Lesson 2. Arranging an appointment.



- Одну хвилинку… Не вішайте слухавку.

- Here is John Fisher. Hello, Fred.

- Hello, John. Glad to hear your voice.

- Що сталося? Чому ти мені телефонуєш?

- I've got some news for you. It is urgent.


- Давай зустрінемось біля кінотеатру після роботи.

- It suits me O.K.What time?

- Давай домовимось о пів на сьому.

- Settled. See you later.

- Бувай!


2.– Hello. This is Robert Flesh. Am I speaking to Mr.Thomson?

- Here is Thomson. Hello, Mr.Flesh. What can I do for you?

- I want to remind you of the talks which are to be held at 10.30 tomorrow.

- Thank you for reminding me of that. Боюсь, що не зможу бути присутнім.

У мене ділове побачення. Замість мене прийде наш керуючий.

- Шкода, що ми вас завтра не побачимо. Як прізвище керуючого?

- Homer. Allan Homer. H-o-m-e-r.

- Homer. All right.

3.– How about game of golf next week?

- Це гарна ідея. Що ти робиш в понеділок вранці?

- Sorry. Monday morning is no good. I'm seeing the doctor. Are you free in

the afternoon though?

- Боюсь, що ні. Я іду на збори акціонерів.

- I am free all day Tuesday. Is that any good?

- Ні. Це також не підходить. Я іду на конференцію.

- Well, I'm traveling to Oxford on Friday morning so we must meet on Wed


Lesson 2. Arranging an appointment.



nesday or Thursday.

- Як на рахунок четверга? Я нічого не буду робити вдень. Ти будеш


- Нарешті. Я теж нічого не буду робити. Я прийду до тебе десь о пів на


- See you on Thursday.

Exercise 4. Read and translate the text:

Multifaceted Process of Running a Business

A variety of operations keep businesses, especially large corporations, running efficiently and effectively. Common business operation divisions include production, marketing, finances, and human resource management.

Production includes those activities involved in conceptualizing, designing, and creating products and services. Marketing research is conducted to study consumer behaviour. Changing attitudes and modes of living directly affect the sale ability of products. Consumers today expect product innovations. Competition between manufacturers of similar products naturally accelerates the speed of changes made in those products.

Marketing concentrates primarily on the buyers, or consumers, determining their needs and desires, developing strategies to persuade them to buy. Marketing management includes planning, organizing, directing, and controlling decision making regarding product lines, pricing, promotion, and servicing. In addition, the marketing department of a business firm is responsible for the physical distribution of the products. Marketing and sales departments prepare documentation, handle cargo, do packing for clients, advise on insurance and the best means of transport, handle customs procedures.

Lesson 2. Arranging an appointment.


Finance involves the management of money, controlling capital on hand to pay their bills, seek extra capital to expand their operations. Other common financial activities include granting, monitoring, and collecting on credit or loans, and ensuring that customers pay bills on time. The financial division of any business must also establish a good working relationship with a bank. This is particularly important when business wants to obtain a loan.

Business rely on effective human resource management (HRM)to ensure that they hire and keep good employees, and that they are able to respond to conflicts between workers and management. HRM specialists are responsible for recruiting new employees to replace those who leave and for filling newly created positions. A business′ HRM division also trains or arranges for the training of its staff.



Exercise 5. Answer the questions:


1. What are common business operation divisions?

2. What activities usually organize the production sector of a business?

3. What aspects does marketing management include?

4. What spheres of business′ activities are encompassed by marketing departments?

5. What are responsibilities of the financial division of any business?

6. What is provided and ensured by HRM specialists?



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