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A. Rewrite the sentences without using the underlined words. Keep the meaning the same.

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  1. A clutch centre holding tool can easily be made using two strips of steel bent over at the ends and bolted together in the middle
  2. A few common expressions are enough for most telephone conversations. Practice these telephone expressions by completing the following dialogues using the words listed below.
  3. A Read the text again quickly and complete sentences 1-6.
  5. A) Order the words to make sentences.
  6. A) Pair off the units with the similar meaning. Give your grounds.
  7. A). Look at the calendar which shows his arrangements for the next few months and then make up sentences, as in the example.

1. Detectives have spent months collecting evidence.

2. After a persistent search, the police found the missing child.

3. I’ll just write the address quickly for you.

4. He is writing from the point of view of someone who knows what life is like in prison.

5. This is the improved version of my speech.

6. The signature was still clear enough to read.


B. Find three phrases from the words in the box.

fill handwriting skill

crisp out set



C. Watch the video and be ready to complete the tasks.


D.Complete the tasks:

1. What’s the correct word?

Each person has a skill yet / set.


Complete the sentence with a suitable word or word combination.

When you begin to … , you can be able to fill your resume out accurately.


3. Positive or Negative?

Best words to describe your skills when filling out an application are trustworthy, responsible, diligent.


4. True or False?

Having accuracy in the spelling is not important.


Cross out the word which is wrong.

If you can write the documentation, or actually create the documentation online, that’s going to find out being more professionally presented.


Match the beginning of the sentence with its ending.

So if applying for a job, I would certainly encourage you to be honest

A) in what you put down.

B) in what you let down.


Complete the gaps in the sentence with suitable words.

When one is applying for a job I think one of the most … things to think … is the … of work that you would like to do.


VIII. Reading: Stress at work.

A. Study the vocabulary and complete the text.

Staff disputes


blow sth (up) out of (all) proportion make sth more serious than it is;

intervine in sth get involved in a situation in order to help;

pass the buck make sb else deal with sth that you should deal with;

prudent wise, sensible;

resolve sth find an acceptable solution to a problem

sort sth out deal with a problem successfully;


We recently had a dispute between two employees who wouldn't work together. I could see the problem wasn't going to 1.________ itself out; I realized that if I didn't 2._________ and sort it 3._________, I'd be accused of passing the 4._________. However, I didn't want to 5.________ it up out of all 6._________, so I just had a quiet word with them. It turned out to be a 7.________decision, because the problem was 8._______ quite quickly.


B.Study the vocabulary and complete the text.

Office problems


absence the fact of being away from a place where they are usually expected to be;

giggle laugh in a silly way when you are embarrassed amused or nervous;

handover the act of making sb else responsible for sth;

hectic very busy;

neglect sth not do sth, or not give enough attention to sth;

photocopier a machine that makes copies of documents, etc. by photographing them;

pile up become larger in quantity or amount;

poke your nose in sth become involved in sth that doesn’t concern you;


My colleague Barbara had a month off recently; she left very specific 1.________ instructions for her colleague Doug, so that after such a long 2._________, she wouldn't come back to find a mountain of work had 3.________. However, Doug's pretty lazy and he 4.________ to do the things she asked him to. He also 5.________his own work and spent most of the time standing round the 6.________gossiping, or 7.________ his nose into other people's business or just 8.________ at Mark's silly jokes. Barbara's back now, furious with Doug, and, with all the work we have to do, life is as 9.________ as ever. I don't think Doug will have his job much longer.


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