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Aim: develop sts’ speaking for fluency with the functional language on the topic Dates.

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Each person says one number or date in turn and the other should guess what number or date it is.

For example: 9.11.01

Is that somebody’s birthday?

Did something happen on that day?

Was it the World Trade Center Disaster?


Activity: Description of a historical event

Target language: Dates and Past tenses

Interaction pattern: Pair work

Aim: develop sts’ speaking for fluency with the functional language on the topic Room.



Distribute two pictures in the envelops with some small holes. Students in pairs should make predictions about the pictures using useful phrases from p.79. While the first person presents his/her ideas, the second ticks the phrases the presenter uses. Then they change roles.

The person whose guesses are closer to the original and who has used more useful phrases is the winner.

Present your ideas to the class. Discuss your predictions. Choose the most interesting/unusual/unexpected prediction.


Activity: Telling stories

Target language: Simple tenses on the topic “Buildings”

Interaction pattern: Group work/Pair work


· develop sts’ speaking for fluency with the functional language on the topic Buildings;

· give freer practice with Past, Present and Future simple tenses


Show the pictures of unusual buildings.

What can you see in the pictures? Would you like to visit these places? Why?

1) You are taking part in a competition. Choose one of the buildings and be ready to persuade others to visit this place. Think of some interesting things/facts happened there in the past, present and make some predictions about the future of this building. The most persuasive person wins the competition.

Students go around the class, discuss the buildings they’ve chosen and try to persuade as many people as possible.

2) What story did you like most? Why?


Which story impressed you most? Why?




Activity: Description of an invention

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Grammar and functions: to practice grammar (order of adjectives) and vocabulary (personal things); giving advice.| Interaction pattern: Pair work

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