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Grammar and functions: to practice grammar (order of adjectives) and vocabulary (personal things); giving advice.

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Have you ever lost things? What were they? What things do you usually have in your bag? (write a list of things on the board).

Where can we look for lost things?

Work in pairs.

One of you works in a Lost and Found office; the second is a customer who lost his/her bag. Choose the bag you’ve lost from the pictures. You should:

customer Office worker
· Greet · Say that you lost your bag · Describe a bag · Say what was there in the bag · Describe things in details (shape, size, colour, material…) · Express your emotions (if the bag is here or not) · Thank for help · Greet the customer, ask if you can help · Ask to describe a bag · Say that you have some bags coming to the description and ask for details, things inside the bag · Ask to describe these things · Say whether this bag is in your bureau or not · If there is no such a bag in your office, say where else to look for the bag/ give the bag back

Exchange roles.

Film or book review.

Target language: Vocabulary on the topic Films/Books Review expressing opinion and giving recommendation.

Interaction pattern: Group work/Pair work/Individual Work

Aim: To give freer practice in giving a book/film review according to the plan, expressing opinion and giving recommendation.


Have you ever read a film or book review? What was the film/book about? Did it help you to choose whether to watch/read it or not?

What do reviews include? Elicit a list on the board.

Think of a film/book you’ve watched/read recently. Tell about this film/book to the others.

Others fill in the table and choose the film or book they would like to watch or read explaining their choice.

Name of the film/book    
Main characters    
Specific features (effects, costumes, acting…)    
Personal opinion    


Activity: Guessing game

Target language: Dates and Past tenses

Interaction pattern: Pair work

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Aim: develop sts’ speaking for fluency with the functional language on the topic.| Aim: develop sts’ speaking for fluency with the functional language on the topic Dates.

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