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Barn House, November 17

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To remind you that as intelligence is the prime quality of Mind, man does not have intelligence but is the intelligence of Mind. There are not degrees of, or comparisons, in the indivisible infinite intelligence.

Barn House, 14 October

You cannot express or experience what is not true. Mind does all the expressing there is and experiences itself as total perfection all the time. To oneself, the human seems to be substance, but one’s sense of substance involves error because it claims to emanate from outside the focal distance of infinity. (See S&H 301:23-29)

You do not exchange one picture of material foundation for another. You live as the self-supporting, self-sustaining, complete infinite, and are not helped or hindered by ‘another’ in any form.

Barn House, 23 October 1997

There is just My omnipresence in the place of anything else claiming to be present or absent. There is just My watered streams instead of parched deserts. There is only My freedom in place of the captivity of material sense. Everything is to be seen and enjoyed from the standpoint of I now. There is one I because there is one Mind, and so one capacity to know accurately. See definition of Mind on page 591.

Living as Mind, means living as pure Mind without the fallibility of human concepts.

January 1979

I have not heard from you for some time to know how you are getting on and I feel the whole thing should be met. We will have a long talk to see if there is anything holding up the full appearing of what you already are.

In Jesus’ experience when he was being baptised by John, he had the vision of his true status when he heard the voice saying “This is my beloved Son…” (Matt. 3:17) and saw the dove descending from heaven. In other words, he saw that he had to come up out from the waters of compromise with mortal thinking and see that the whole of his being descended from the divine Mind, heaven, and that this coming forth was the beloved Son and nothing else was.

This coming forth, which is the Son, has no mortal starting point and returns to no mortal limit. It is the consciousness of the divine Mind proceeding from that Mind and remaining within it. Hence, “…Son, thou art ever with me…” (Luke 15:31).

Christian Science treatment is not a mental activity to bring about certain human results. It is the activity of the divine Mind unfolding itself, and in the process, precluding any consciousness unlike itself.

There is not Mind and a problem. There is just Mind. There is not a mortal conceiving Truth: there is just Truth conceiving itself and precluding any mortal sense.

No Date

Thank you for your letter. First, the matter of that fashionable disease which is on everyone’s tongue and is in nobody’s mind! The following passages—and there are many like them—show clearly that we do not accept a mortal mind and then try and get rid of what is in it. She says “this me is mortal mind” and it is always this non-mind talking about itself to itself and making good to itself its claim. Hence, S&H 86:29-30; 391:3-4; and 390:20-21 (whose thought?).

The Mind that you have now is God, and this Mind experiences its own contents or selfhood, which it calls man. This totality of Mind knowing and unfolding itself constitutes all being, and is the way we live and is the Ego. It never knows, accommodates, or is impressed by, a so-called human ego which is not itself.

It is more important to know that you do not have a mind to wrong than to see there is no wrong.

There is no disease. The belief of it and the believer in it are one and are just a misstatement of the Truth which is the one Ego. You are not a believer.

Th May

Enjoy Miscellany 159:14-18.

Nothing is taking place outside consciousness, and “All consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God” (Ret. 56:18). Mind unfolds Mind, and is apparent as Mind. It is temptation to think that anything is happening ‘outside in matter’. This is just a false sense and is not actual. What you are within escapes outward.

Your being is underived. Be not weary in well doing, but rest in well-being. Effect is the expression of cause being. This is Life.

Th June

We read on page 275:14-15 that all substance and being belong to God. The substance of anything is the idea of it, and there is only one idea and it never leaves the Mind that conceives it. That is why your only concern is not to watch the so-called external, but to let that Mind be to you what it was to Christ Jesus, namely, all.

All being likewise belongs to God, because all that is being is what God is knowing. “For God to know is to be” (No and Yes 16:1-2) and there is no gap between the two.

Miscellaneous Writings 103:19-23 is important, because if we are really watching Mind, then we are not watching what the human picture is nor what we think it should be. The human concept of anything merely hides that thing. We do not work from there back to the divine, but we start with what eternally and divinely is.


S&H 124:25-31. The only forces are spiritual. There are no material ‘market’ or any other forces. Material forces are misnomers, not alternatives to the true.

The word ‘inherent’ is a lovely one. Your whole experience is inherent in the Mind that is knowing and constituting it. Just as all the substance, life and continuity of your image in the mirror is inherent in you and not in the image, so you are the inherent experience of God. You are not an experiencer. The error is to think that anything inheres in image or matter. From this stems all trouble. Like the lilies, you are kept and maintained because your life is in its Principle in all its completeness, and never in the expression.


I feel that the story of the Children of Israel on page 308/309 and also the reference on page 566:1-11 is a useful reminder of what not to be! You see, they were aspiring to a better state, which they had put outside of themselves. They saw themselves as that which was being guided, rather than identifying with the spiritual idea that does the guiding. They were fighting a false sense, and so had a constant battle. But Science is the revelation that there are no personal lives, minds and aspirations, but just the one divine Mind unfolding itself as one, infinite, indivisible whole of good. There are no fragmentary ideas in Mind. It is all or nothing! In the realm of ideas, everything is omnipresent, universal, infinite, indivisible. It is only beliefs that are divided into good here but not there, or clients later but not now. It is only belief that wants a better understanding of some truth.

We turn away from what belief is saying—even a so-called right human motive—to the spiritual fact that the teeming universe of Mind is already fulfilling all space; that the purity of divine Love is the only fact about love; that the only time is now, so there is no future to fear, and no past to regret; that the only body is the embodiment, the aggregate, of all right ideas that constitute Mind’s knowledge. Specifically, man does not digest Truth. You see that the result of this is indigestion on page 559:20-31. Here are the Children of Israel again! Error hides from itself the truth of being but your identity is with and as Truth, and so nothing can hide from you what you are. You live on the sunny side of the cloud where all is always light.


That which argues from the standpoint of the finite, and so from limitation, is not your Mind, and so it is not what it is saying, but its right to speak, that you reject. (See Unity 54:3-5) Do not yearn to be free of desire. Just gently stay as much as you can with the spiritual fact of completeness, not condemning what appears to be the highest way of its expression, until the fleshly sense of things yields to that which is already present as consciousness. Then, there is no struggle; no child of Israel contest; just infinite Love not allowing you anything that is second best because only that which is like its own nature is permissible. You cannot put right the duality of the human sense at the level of the human. Let what you are push out what you are not.

Christmas is the constant dawning of the Christ-Truth in daily life, but you are re-identified with the Christ, with the day-star of being, and not with the pale star of human expectancy to be followed by the evening star of human decline!

You are much and happily in thought, and this brings every good wish.

Th December

I love the margin note ‘No healing in sin’. Sin, as you know, is the basic error of belief in life separate from God. To start from this belief, and seek to correct the phenomena within it, is abortive because the problems are never in the phenomena but are inherent in the belief. “The basic error is mortal mind” (S&H 405:1). So “…we must leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind…” (S&H 424:6-7), for it is in Mind that there is no belief, and so no problem. The belief and its phenomena are mirage only.

This is why no healing actually takes place at a human level, for the Word made flesh is simply the disappearance of the supposition that life and substance are in matter before the sovereign ever-presence of “Principle and its idea…” (S&H 465:17). The whole of Science is summarised in Miscellaneous Writings 190:4-6. The sun shines, dissolves the mist, to reveal the sun shining. This is what the perfect Christian Science treatment is. S&H 251:20-23 only.

Start and stay with what is spiritually true—i.e., true from the standpoint of God, and this spiritual idea of everything outlines its own conditions in an appreciable way. But we do take both feet off the bottom of the swimming pool! No semi-metaphysics!

February 17, 1997

“He restoreth my soul” (Ps. 23:3) (spiritual sense). This is all Science ever does. The material sense of being—mortal mind’s fictitious sense—is always bleak and fearful. The spiritual sense of everything, Spirit’s own sense, is always perfect, harmonious, whole, and this true sense of being constitutes our experience. Don’t watch phenomena. Just gather the facts of being from the divine Mind alone and this Mind does its own work of embodying itself as all that is wonderful.

Barn House, 7th July 1997

S&H 43:27-1. This passage contains some very important points. The first is that it is the divine that overcomes the human at every point. This actual divinity was the Science that Jesus lived and demonstrated and was. There was nothing to him but this divine Science. The human concept was never an alternative but just a finite, upside down view of the divine. It could only disappear. This is why “the reward for his faithfulness” (S&H 34:26) was the disappearance of the human concept or Jesus. But he did not disappear with it!

Truth and Love seal the victory before the thorns can be laid aside. To expect a victory to be dependent on a human laying aside the thorns first is not sense. It is the fact that the victory is forever and already sealed by Truth and Love, that the thorns of experience have never been. They are eternally laid aside because the victory, the sealed up total of good, has already pre-empted them. There are no thorny experiences in the divine Life and never have been.

You cannot catch fish by night! To try and solve the problem from within its terms of reference, is to toil all night and catch nothing. It is thought that is above and outside the problem of mortal existence that is conscious of and experiences Truth and Love. Then ‘Jesus’ sad repast’ where the human is laying down the thorns of identification with the human, becomes the morning meal where the eternal victory is recognised. These two meals are altitudes of thought, and not states of time. Victory is always now. The recognition of the kingdom as ever present reached John’s vision while, in belief, he still tabernacled with mortals.

Barn House, June 4th 1998

I have always lived as divine Life manifesting itself as All. I have always known as divine Mind knowing itself as All. I have always lived as I, and so have never known another.

The I, or capacity, is Mind. It is not and never has been man. (See S&H 591:16-18 and 485:4-5) You cannot start with a misconception, however hallowed by time, and expect to make Science out of it. There has never been a false concept of another mind.

Materialism is frustration. It involves everything being out of reach and so unattainable. But you include all right ideas as your universal Being.

Barn House, June 14, 1998

I so often return to the statement in S&H 114:2-6. Sick and sinful humanity does not suffer from mortal mind but mortal mind constitutes the illusion called sick and sinful humanity. (See S&H 293:9-10) This is why it is no good trying to treat an illusion. The illusion dissolves into nothingness in the presence of the one Mind which includes its own perfect sense of man. In every case the problem is not what it seems as phenomenon, but is always mortal mind constituting the phenomenon. It is this that we refute, in the understanding that the one Mind does not permit another.

When Jesus said, “…I am no more in the world…” (John 17:11) and “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36) the original Greek for “world” was “mankind”. We do not live in, as, or because of mankind, and in shaking off mortal mind we find that our existence as Mind in self-expression as man is uninterrupted. This is why we cannot expect to pray “as a corporeal person to God” for that puts the oneness of God and man outside of experience (S&H 13:20).

The human, mortal mind (and they are one and the same) contains all error. It is this that has to be put off, shaken off; and its contents go with it. The dropping of the fleshly ties constitute the footsteps of Truth. They are the mortal taking backward steps in the presence of the eternally divine. We live here and now as divinity and this is our only concern: and this takes care of that which never had anything to do with us.

There is one Life for God and man now. The belief in a mortal life is not an alternative to the true Life, something out of which we have to work—but is a misstatement of the one Life and is to be dropped (see S&H 369:19-22). This explains why Mind is supreme in the physical world, so-called, because all there is to the physical world is this misstatement of that which is really the divine. (S&H 427:23-25)

Barn House, 24 March 2000

You may care to ponder S&H 574:3 to 575:6. This chapter describes the city of God in three ways, and this first way, as you see, meets the need of that which thinks of itself as a mortal, a weary pilgrim. It takes in the view, but you do not need to be taken in by it! The experiences that seem harsh serve to elevate the “seer” (but not man, who has no need of elevating) to behold the consciousness or city of God from the standpoint of God,—which harsh experience is the only sense of what Life is not that does this, even though Love knows nothing about it. Mrs. Eddy refers to this experience (which belongs to the human concept and not to Love) as “…the wholesome chastisements of Love” (S&H 323:6). But it is only if necessary that the human seems to go through the “wrathful and afflictive” experience (S&H 574:28-29). Your Christ-being is never in it. The “…full compensation in the law of Love” (S&H 574:17-18), brings us back always to the fact that Love wedded to its own spiritual idea—the oneness and allness of divine Love—is all that is true and present.

S&H 467:29-31. Mind understands the idea that expresses Mind. To begin with God, Mind, means that the idea will always be present in appreciable form even though it is not material (S&H 332:29-32). This is because the human concept cannot wholly hide that which is divinely present. The distorted view of material sense cannot make something material (S&H 507:28-2). As Mind-knowing, our only concern is with the idea in consciousness and not with outcomes. Man is the outcome of Mind. Only if thought begins with the human concept, and then tries to reason back to the idea by saying “this can of beans is really Spirit”, do we get into pantheism. The human concept evaporates before the idea, but never becomes it.

Barn House, October 4th

The human mind is no mind. It is a term for obscuration and nothing else. It is unknown to the light that it claims to obscure from itself. It is unknown to your Mind, and so you never accept another mind to placate, communicate to, be heard, or to help or hinder your peaceful existence. All that is going on is Principle, Love, in operation as its own nature and experience.

Barn House, 28 October 1998

Just to remind you that we never begin with a problem that we then have to pray about. We are told to begin with God. This means that we begin by letting consciousness be full of what God, Life, Truth, Love, etc. is, and thus what God constitutes of Himself as all.

All that exists is infinite Mind and its infinite idea, or Mind-manifest, and this Mind constitutes of itself all there is or has ever been. (See S&H 335:7-8)

Astell Street, April 8, 1981

Thank you for your letter, and of course I will help. I believe that parents can help very much in situations like this where there is such an expectancy that the child will perform as he should. Our educated belief tells us that everything comes to us from outside, that knowledge is imparted by others. Then we worry that we have not absorbed sufficient to meet certain human demands. This is indeed how it may appear, but it is incorrect. All that is ever going on is the one infinite cause that we call good, or God, unfolding itself without hindrance as one, infinite, altogether lovely effect. This is all that is true about teacher or pupil. The Mind that poses the question is the Mind that answers the question, since “Known unto God [Mind]are all his works from the beginning of the world” (Acts 15:18), and “But he is in one Mind…” (Job 23:13).

So our job is to remove the fear which is based always on the inadequacy of the human mind, by seeing the total adequacy of this one divine Mind. Intelligence is a quality of God and cannot be attenuated by human misconception.

Barn House, 14 August 1998

The acceptance of a so-called mortal mind as ours or anyone’s is the acceptance of its conditions because this mind constitutes its own phenomena. On the other hand, the acceptance of the one divine Mind as ours means also the acceptance of its conditions, whether or not these are confirmed by matter, because Mind constitutes its thoughts.

That which says ‘I need to see this’ or ‘I must stay with this’ is not the one Mind speaking, but the belief in a separate life and mind trying to cling to something outside of itself. This cannot be.

S&H 477:6-7 means that I, Soul, the one Ego, am not in that which manifests Me, but My manifestation remains in Me. That is why the word “in” is obsolete in Science. Beginning as Mind, your whole experience is showing forth to yourself what I eternally AM.

Astell Street, 6 December

Soon I imagine, you will be having exams or their equivalent. And this is a happy thing because you know that it is no longer a matter of one human mind testing another human mind, but the occasion for the one, infinite Mind that we call God to show forth His own effortless intelligence. It says in Isaiah, “Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, … that I am he” (Isa. 43:10). And this is all we are ever being: just witness to the intelligence, happiness, certainty, ability and presence of God.

It also says in the Psalms, “…he will bring forth thy righteousness” (Ps. 37:6). This is all there is to bring forth. The word ‘righteousness’ originally meant ‘right knowing’ and so all that ever comes forth in your experience is your right knowing about everything.

The Mind that sets the question is the Mind that answers it, and it is all for the glory of God: the opportunity to show forth all the qualities of God.

Astell Street, 3 June

The bit on page 442:19-25 of S&H is interesting. You see, we sometimes do things that help to put the corporeal picture out of the way, and this changes a belief of discomfort to one of comfort because it is the nearest right at the time. But the real purpose of Science is always to melt the belief that Life or capacity was ever outside Mind, and this melted belief is the only really improved belief, for spiritual understanding has replaced belief, and so it can never return.

So we do not stay with changed belief but with melted belief, and we go on rejoicing in the spiritual fact of your true capacity that has never lapsed and never been restored.

Th August

Is there more than one builder, more than one architect, more than one law or source of approval? Then the problem is not red tape, but the belief that God asks permission from matter for being to be what it is.

The foundation that is sure is “the Lord knoweth them that are His”. Mind knowing its own eternal ideas is the foundation and superstructure of being. 2nd Tim.2:19.

Also you know Pan. 12:12: “The altitude of Christianity openeth, high above the so-called laws of matter, a door that no man can shut…”

Th September 1986

The eternal builder does not work in the same dimension as the mortal. The great architect is not subject to red tape. Matter neither denies nor confirms the truth. It appears that the mortal and immortal pictures dwell together until the time of harvest, and so we are tempted to believe that one has to apply to the other, or that one will become the other. We only deal with this properly by seeing that the harvest is now. The tares and the wheat are separated through the understanding of God, good, as ever present and not…four months off.

Th May 1988

This is first a mental picture, and error is not mentality because “the great fact is that evil is not mind.”

Thinking does not cause or affect something. Thinking is all there is to anything. There is nothing outside the thinking or ‘I’ of it. There is one Mind, or I. There is no scar in the record of this Mind.

Rd July 1988

I have found S&H 503:20-22 helpful. “Immortal and divine Mind presents the idea of God: first, in light; second, in reflection; third, in spiritual and immortal forms of beauty and goodness.”

Mind appears as illumination; then as reflection, which is the spiritual activity of Mind; and then as specific form. These are the three stages whereby Love inspires, illumines and designates. There is no fourth stage, whereby idea has an idea about something. In other words, we do not know the truth about something, since knowing the truth is the idea of Truth. There is no extension to consciousness. Knowing the truth does not have a result: it is the result.

Matter disappears in the radiation of Spirit. This is the irradiance of Life which is what you are.

Th August 1989

Here is the translation from the Greek of John 1:1-3:

“In continuous existence was the faculty of knowing, and the faculty of knowing was with God, and the faculty of knowing was God. The same was in continuous existence with Him: all things came into existence by Him and without Him not even one single thing came into existence.”

God is knowable because only God is able to know.

Th February 1990

I was so glad to hear of your experience with Mozart. I feel it is just as we read on page 574:10, that the ministry of Truth, the message from Love, brings the experience that lifts the seer, the spiritual seer, to behold the great city. But it is the seeing that is lifted, and Mind does the lifting.

Th March 1987

“Divine Science rolls back the clouds” (S&H 557:19). You are never being rolled. The truth is that Mind demands the proof of its own existence, and this proof is its expression or manifestation. The conscious identity of being is man, and Mind makes being conscious of its identity by showing forth what it is. Mind demands the display of strength to show forth the proof of its own omnipotence. That is why Mind (omnipotence) demands man’s entire strength. It does not belong to man. Mind calls forth the opportunity to demonstrate itself. Mind demands and Mind supplies in response to that demand.

Mortal mind (terminology) claims to reverse this and to say that the initiative is with something outside Mind, calling on Mind to meet its need and supply its deficiency. It says that demand comes from effect instead of Cause. It therefore places a gap between need and supply. The fact is that need and supply are two aspects of one being.

It is never some problem calling forth Truth to supply an answer, but always Truth demanding the proof of what it already is. The initiative is with Truth, and nothing takes place at the level of mortal mind.

Much love and I appreciate all you are. And remember the qualities of Soul are always in perfect balance with and supported by the qualities of Spirit.


No Date

The whole thing is that “…Mind, God, is the source and condition of all existence” (S&H 181:1-2) and that “Every function of the real man [thought] is governed by [belongs to] the divine Mind” (S&H 151:20). Mortal mind’s upside down view of the organs and functions of being never touches the reality. When you see a movie, you know that the pictures and events are not on the screen, but in the projector. Watch the projector, Mind, and never effects. Mind is never touched by the dream or dreamer. This is the way to heal. “Mind has no affinity with matter; [therefore] Truth is able to cast out the ills of the flesh” (S&H 191:30-32). [Italics added to original for emphasis.]

S&H 107:7-10. A false sense of origin (of thought) contains the ills that flesh is heir to. It is all there is to “earth-born taint” (Mis. 387:25). But the source, origin, condition, parent of all existence is infinite Love, never conditioned by matter, any more than the light shining through the window pane is conditioned by the window pane.

Th January 2004

That which is incorporeal has, by definition, to be ageless. Malachi 3:6 says, “For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed” (used up). S&H 296:23-26 is helpful. The only place where the evidence of Spirit and matter seems to commingle is the human personality, or personal sense. This is not your identity or anyone’s, therefore you have no foundation which time could be wearing away.

July 1987

No personal attachment means that no sense of being attached, living off or through, expecting from or being disappointed by another person, can attach itself to our thinking. Being is original, which means it has its origin in the divine Mind and nowhere else. This attitude extends to our whole experience. Think this through!

Barn House, 30th January 2000

That which begins with God is God. I begin with I. I exist before Abraham was—before there was ever a problem or an alternative. As Love, I know no conflict and no opposition. Only mortal mind can think in terms of persons opposing, delaying, obstructing, and it is this false mind that appears to itself to make good its claims. But it never appears that way to your Mind, which is declaring without any struggle the beauty of holiness, the perfection of being, imperishable glory. My thoughts about Myself constitute all experience, says the Mind that is God and man.

Th November 2002

The Christian way is to follow, demonstrate, and exemplify the divine idea; but this presumes a person to do all this. The Science way is to live as divine idea, as Christ Science, already complete and perfect and thus preempting each and every belief of personal sense that would deny this.

S&H 535:15-18 is interesting. To live as Christ Science is not a personal choice but is the way Life is. Personal sense—even with its best motives and desire for healing—is not a factor. The passage in Un. 54:3-10 and its correlative on page 7 lines 8-12 is the ‘narrow way’ but truly effective Way.

Barn House, 11th May 1999

One could say so much but at this moment I would just say that she goes on untouched by the belief that her illness was fatal and just enjoying a newer and larger sense of Life as uninterrupted joy and harmony. Nothing can touch the real Life of man and one day we will find that what was called death was nothing other than a “blundering despatch” (S&H 386:16) and that no such thing has ever occurred.

While we work things out on these occasions, there is a clear choice—whether to stay with a sense of grief and loss, which she would not have wished, or to go forward with her in exploring more of Life so that we grow together. The Father’s great love does not leave one person with a sense of loss and another with a sense of progress. This truth has to appear as the support and comfort that you rightly seek.

Th April 2004

What is termed a mortal man, with a private, personal life and mind of his own, does not exist. The belief that there is a personal mortal mind is all there is to a mortal and to that which believes in it. This belief-believer misconception only arises from “…a supposed standpoint outside the focal distance of infinite Spirit…” (S&H 301:26-27) and this is nowhere. So its product is nothing. It is just a “fleshly perception”—a “self-constituted falsity” (Ret. 61:13)—but not an entity. It is present to itself only. The personal human mind cannot be instructed, treated, or expected to improve. It cannot improve for it never was a mind in the first place.

There is no man outside of man as “…the conscious identity of being…” (S&H 475:16) to think about Truth. The knowledge of Truth is Truth knowing. Idea cannot know about anything for it only exists as knowing. This is the only man there is. Nothing can think about Mind. All thought is as Mind.

The universe is to be interpreted by its divine Principle. From the standpoint of Mind-Principle, every detail of the universe from the infinite to the infinitesimal is the unfoldment of Mind as its own conscious identity, saying ‘This is Me. This is what I AM.’ And it is the recognition of this Mind as the only I, or Ego, that is man’s capacity to know from the standpoint of the great I AM, and enjoy the universe as its subjective experience. Then, what is going on is not experience happening to us but as us, and so subject to the dominion of Mind over its own thoughts and self-identification.

Th February 1999

It is wise to remember that there is not a person with a new point of view. Person does not learn to look out from Mind. The one eternal Ego has always seen as I, lived as I, known as I, and so has always experienced everything in terms of allness, oneness, universality, indivisibility. Every thought emanating from Mind begins with I AM perfect health, abundance, home, completeness, etc. There has never been anything but Mind to look out from Mind, and this I is the I of your being.

Incidental to this is the fact that “…in this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss…” (S&H 577:9-10). Also in this view that I, Mind, have always enjoyed, we find that “…the deep-drawn, heartfelt breath…” of the infinite (My. 256:10) is always outgoing, imparting, showing forth, demonstrating, radiating through all space. Nothing absorbs, because there is nothing outside of allness from where anything can be absorbed.

Rd October

We can get so far by letting our thinking be more peaceful and confident. But the real point is that our identity is outside of mortal person and is one with the Father, partaking of—taking part in—the divine nature, strength, wholeness and rightness.

MBE writes “Detach sense from body, or matter, which is only a form of human belief…” (S&H 261:21-22). Belief is the world’s definition of you, and the answer to this misconception of what you are is not to be found within it. But the turning away from the external, into the understanding of what it means to be one with the Father, one with the divine Life, the divine Mind, the divine nature, becomes the law of wholeness and restoration to daily experience. The balance humanly can always be improved—but balance in the scales of God is all versus nothing. You live outside the medley where material thought pronounces upon what it sees and tries to care for its own misconception of man. Instead, you rejoice in the one, infinite, indivisible and omnipresent Life as yours now, never entering and never dictated to by the dream-dreamer fiction.

Th June

I was so glad to hear of your Presidency—even if not yet of the USA! This is fine, since anyone who knows something of this law of God should be counted among the most happy, successful, intelligent people on this earth; not because Science boosts the mortal, but because it unveils the majesty of our true identity already established, and so lets us drop some of the earth-baggage that weighs us down.

Do look at S&H 171:31. “The fundamental error…” it really is! To get into person and then try to deal with the problems arising from this mistaken identity, is fruitless. You are not trying to make a bigger, safer, happier mortal, but instead to have a less mortal, limited sense of what happiness, safety, health, etc. are. It is the mental, limited sense of things, fading out in the presence of what already is.

Your oneness with the Father—the oneness of thinking with the divine Mind, instead of the suppositional human mind—means that there is one Life in every detail for Father and Son. You are as safe, abundant, free, and whole as the Father, and it is in the consciousness of this that the limitations do not improve but fade out.

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