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Another huge tip from Mrs. Hersh.

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The Princess Diaries (2001)


HELEN: Time for school!

HELEN: Stop daydreaming. You'll be late for school.

Sometimes I have dreams

MIA: Hey, Louie. Come on.

I picture myself flying

It's time to go to school.

Through the clouds

High in the sky

Conquering the world

With my magic piano

Never being scared

But then I realize

I'm Supergirl

And I'm here to save the world

But I wanna know

Who's gonna save me?

HELEN: Are you feeling confident?

MIA: Not really.

Now just remember, when you make your speech...

don't look at the people.

Pick a spot on the back wall...

don't take your eyes off of it...

And speak loudly.

Thanks, Mom.

Bye, Mom.

Good luck.

Ooh ooh


Morning, Buttons.


MAN: Be nice, Buttons.

MIA: Whoa. Whoa!

Sorry, Mr. Robutusen.

Have a nice day.

ROBUTUSEN: I doubt it.


I'm Supergirl


I'm Supergirl

What I wanna know

Who's gonna save me?

CHEERLEADERS: Hey, there, ho there

How do you do?

This is Grove Lions saying hi to you.

- I'm Lana... - Anna...



BOY: Josh!

I'm Supergirl

- Josh! - What are you doing?

Oh, he's such a show-off.

Jeremiah, off the wall, please.

Come on. You know better than that.

MIA: Good morning, Miss Gupta.

Morning, Lilly...

Lilly's friend.

I'm Supergirl

Who's gonna save me?

You know, as manager of the team...

I really think you should be a part of the team.

Oh, oh! Oops.

I'm sorry, I didn't see you.

I was thinking...

Somebody sat on me again.

- Really? - Yeah.

MIA: I don't know what happened.

I was just sitting there, working on my speech...

It's really a dumb class--

LILLY: Jerk and jerkette sighting.

MIA: Hmm?

Soft kisses on a summer's day

Laughing all our cares away

And dream of--

- What? - What?

You never saw two idiots exchange saliva before?

Oh. Yeah.

They're so rude.

Good. You know, for a second there...

I thought you were going A-crowd on me.

MIA: Oh, heh. Negative.

LILLY: Ready for debate?

MIA: I'm never ready for debate.

[Cheering] BOY: Go, Josh!

JOSH: So this is not a debate.

This is a control issue.

Grove controls our minds with what they teach us... but you know what?

They're not satisfied with that.

I think Grove should dump the uniforms... and we have casual dress all year round!


MR. O'CONNELL: All right, all right.

OK, girls, settle down. Settle down.

This is a debate, and after it's over...

I want you back in your school uniform.

JOSH: Hey, boss, whatever you say.

Josh, sit down.

- He's the man. - He's my man.

O'CONNELL: OK, Josh. Later, OK?

Down, down, boy. You made your point.

OK, so, now we've all heard... from Josh Bryant for the affirmative.

[Velcro rips]

I love that sound.

What's my point again?

You like our uniforms. They're equalizers.

O'CONNELL: Now we'll hear the rebuttal... from Mia Thermopolis...

Who will present the negative argument... against our proposition.

[Scattered applause]

GIRL: Come on, Mia!

BOY: Whoo-hoo!

Um...I th-think...um...

FONTANA: What a frizz-ball.

ANNA: Look at her hair.



BOY: We're waiting.

SECOND BOY: Say something!

You see, um...I...

See, casual-- casual...uh...

[Breathing heavily]

GIRL: Are you OK?

ANNA: She's gonna barf.

SECOND GIRL: Oh, God! She's gonna hurl!

THIRD GIRL: Cover the tuba!

O'CONNELL: OK, OK. Everybody settle down.

Learn how to fly

Gotta move on

From what's breaking your heart...

MANAGER: Mia! Finish up with Mrs. Taubman... and then you can take a break.

Another huge tip from Mrs. Hersh.

I got one from Mrs. Taubman. We're doing all right today.

Mr. Walsh's ropes are twisted.

VIVIAN: Mr. Walsh, stop twisting!

You'll strangle yourself!

Hi, Mom.

You threw up, huh?

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