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Words and expressions. .

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  3. I. Read the list of adjectives below and find the pairs of opposite words.
  4. I. Read the text once again and find in the text the English equivalents of the following Russian words. Make up your own sentences with these words.
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university ["jünI'v@s@tI] университет, институт
middle   середина
in the middle of   в середине
poor   бедный
poorer   беднее
decline   снижаться
to kill   убивать
townspeople   горожане
to fight   бороться
fighting   сражение
Festival of St. Scholastica   праздник студентов Средние века
to last   длиться
to punish   наказывать
nearly   около, почти
quiet [kwaI@t] спокойный
quietly   спокойно
side   сторона
side by side   рядом, бок о бок
colourful   цветной,яркий
Trinity   Троица
graduate ['gr{dju@t] выпускник
to found   основывать
Jesus   Иисус
choir [kwaI@] хор


Unit fifty

Good-bye to London


In the evening Mr. Hill invited all the participants to a farewell party at the Beefeater restaurant near the Tower of London. In general Beefeaters are warders of the Tower, dressed as in the days of the Tudor kings. The restaurant is famous for its medieval ages per­formance and the spirit of the time. It's like a costume drama with the history of England unfolding before the eyes of the guests. The participants enjoyed the performance immensely, had a very nice meal and a few drinks. A few toasts were pronounced like these:

To the success of our business!

To our prosperous business! Cheers!

To your very good health!

There were also many thanks like these:

Thank you very much for having us.

Thank you for the nice stay we had here in London.

We were very happy here. Thank you very much.

Everything was unforgettable. I thank you a lot.

We 've really enjoyed the visit.

In the morning the Group checked out and the coach took them to the Heathrow Airport. There was no queueing up they checked in very quickly and went upstairs to the Passport Control point. Here they said good-bye and expressed thanks to Mr. Hill. In reply he said many kind words and wished them a safe journey.

The journey back home was really very smooth and enjoyable. A few days later Pete Smirnov, General Director of Economtraining, sent the following letter to Mr. Hill:

Dear Mr. Hill,

Let me thank you and your esteemed company on behalf of the Group and our company for the hearty atmosphere of their stay in London, for very informative lectures and very useful external visits they had. They also thank you heartily for the chances to do some business of their own and to make a few visits they had planned. I hope that we shall ar­range similar programmes in future as well to the satisfaction of our both parties.

Let me send you and your family my best wishes for Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.

Yours faithfully,

Pete Smirnov

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