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Complete each sentence with one of the words below.

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trouble, education, attend, allowed, have, punish, private, punishment, behaves

In Russia education is compulsory between ages of 6-7 and 15 years. There are different types of secondary schools in the country. Most of them are state schools where ... is free.

But some parents want their children to attend ... schools which aren't free.

Children have to ... school from Monday till Friday. In some schools they ... to wear uniform. In others they are ... to wear what they want.

The discipline isn't very strict. But if a pupil... badly the teacher can ... the child. Of course, the ... isn't severe. The teachers want their pupils to stay out of... and always do their best.

2 Complete the sentences using the preposi­tions: to, of, for, at, on.

1. Steven is very proud ... his new bicycle.

2. Hello, can I speak ... Ann, please?

3. "Are you going to arrange a picnic at the
weekend?" — "I would like to but it depends
... the weather."

4. "What are you looking ...?" — "I've lost my

5. She always laughs ... his silly jokes.

Write another sentence with the same mea­ning using the Passive Voice.

Example: The old man punished the naughty boy.— The naughty boy was punished by the old man.

1. Students use computers at their lessons.

2. The teacher explained the rules of the game
* to the students.


3. Ann cooks a special dinner on the 21st of

4. They arranged a nice picnic last month.

5. The little boy drew these funny pictures.

• It was not easy to swim because...

• Janelle didn't believe that it was an accident

• Nick couldn't go to Australia because...

20 Write down the following statements in the correct order to make a brief sum­mary of the story (ex. 62 on page 113).

• The referee thought it was a joke and let the
player leave the game.

• Everyone saw a young crocodile.

• One of the players said that a player from the
other team had bitten him in the leg.

• There was nothing exciting at the beginning
of a water polo game.

• The game was stopped and the water was let
out from the pool.

• It was found out that a fan had put the
crocodile into the pool to make the players
move faster.

• Soon two other players jumped out of the
water with bites on their legs.

« The Olympics are held...

• At Olympics sportsmen compete not for
money but...

• The emblem of five linked rings...


• ...after nearly fifteen centuries.

• .. .once every four years.

• .. .but taking part.

• ...became a symbol of the Olympic Games.

• ...for the honour of their country.

23 Think of any other emblem of the Olympic Games. Give you reasons.

24 Write down 7-8 questions you would ask any Olympic champion. Start you ques­tions with: Where... from? What? When? Where? How long? Why? Who?

Answer the questions in ex. 72 on page 117 in written form.


1 Look back at the story about a water polo game. Find all verbs in the Passive Voice. Write them down, translate them into Russian.

Example: were bitten (были укушены)

22 Match the two parts of the sentences. Write them down.

• The spirit of Olympics is not winning...

• The Olympic Games were revived...

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