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Fill in the blanks with the suitable words.

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India is situated in Asia. This large country is ... for its ancient culture and outstanding people. It is the birthplace of four world religions.

The ... of the country is New Delhi. Its ... has grown to 1,000 million people. There are 15 official ... in India and thousands of different dialects. People from different parts of the country often do not speak ... language. English is the ... solution (решение) to this communication problem. Children ... English at primary and ... school and then at the university.

3 These sentences are the answers to the
questions. Write down the questions. Begin
your questions with "How".

Example: Martin is ten years old.— How old is Martin?

1. It takes him 20 minutes to get to school.

2. Sir John Bouring (1792-1872) could speak
28 languages.

3. Everest is 8848 metres high. It's the highest
mountain in the world.

4. The Thames is 334 kilometres long.

5. This nice dress is only 25 dollars.

6. They have 6 lessons on Monday.






        Expressions and word combinations: be awarded a prize
Л Nouns: Africa § Verbs: award be successful in
collect oneself to do smth
Asia - collect collect one's thoughts
award   collect smth from smb
continent • Adjectives: exciting first / second language
Europe mother tongue
knowledge foreign on foot
language official rush hours
nationality successful to be situated
North America   travel by / go by
South America    

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