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B) Research your local emblem. Then write an essay about it.

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Compare facts, figures and statistics from the charts and texts of this section and talk about how the flags, symbols, emblems, dates and statistics reflect the geography and history of the country you have researched.

I Discuss as a class the following questions:

a) Do you believe that what you have learned will help you understand our world
community better?

b) Do you think that what you have learned about the countries in this unit will
help you to contribute better to your community and understand how we can
cooperate with each other?

c) What else do we need to live happily in the "global village"?

Key Vocabulary

• to board, to bolder, to d\eckm,to coMect (забирать),to confuse, to cooperate, to CTasV\,to &е\эл|Да ДйХесХДо^хемет^., \»T©g\s\.eT,to save (^спасать, экономить), to sink, to take off, to weigh

• arrival(s), boarding pass, borders, check-in desk, currency, customs, emblem, insurance, luggage, permission, policy, takeoff, visa

essential, floral, multinational, official, unattended, unavoidable, unfortunate, unpredictable, unsmkab\e, valuable

• to announce the flvg}cvt,to coW&oX\}ftu Ns^g&^e. 1тот the baggage reclaim, to get through customs, to get through passport control, to fill in the declaration form, to prevent someone from doing something,

• It's a good idea to... You can't do without.. I I'm absolutely positive that... It's obvious that... I feel strongly / dead against it. Sorry, but I have got my own idea about it.

109 Look at the pictures of the emblems and symbols of some of the Russian regions.


Answer these questions:

a)• What elements do they consist of?

• Have they got more animals or floral symbols on their emblems?

• What is your local emblem?

• What elements does it consist of?

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