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Write about your favourite Russian, British or American writer or poet. Use the guidelines given in Ex. 103 on p. 83.

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Copy the questions from Ex. 107 on p. 84 and write down your answers.

Make up a story or write ten sentences using the words and expressions from Ex. 112 on p. 85.

Do Ex. 115 (a) on p. 85 in written from.


Key Vocabulary * Щ  
    Expressions and phrases:
    mass media
Nouns: Verbs: to quit doing something
article apologize to manage to do something
Bible (The) approve (of) It proved to be
celebration borrow (a book) a man of great wisdom
channel book (a ticket) the wisdom of the ancients
conclusion broadcast wisdom tooth
encyclopedia celebrate I have to confess
essay confess That's an idea.
guidebook explain What a good idea!
handbook manage to be full of ideas
headline prove to have an idea of something
horror quit to find out
quiz remind something is difficult to find
review report in conclusion
script   to come to the conclusion
thriller Adverbs: to jump to the conclusion
wisdom however to hear something on the radio
  seldom to get news over TV / the Internet
  whatever to video a film
  whenever ■ to bring people closer
  wherever a collection of books at home

25 Look back at the teenage jobs again. Add words to each line:

1.I could take care of a cat,...

2. I could operate video,...

3. I could teach a dog to sit, to...

4. I could help someone to...

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