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B. Now put the Gerunds in the sentences

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  1. B) Suggest the methods of translation into Ukrainian of the names of English and foreign companies in the sentences below.
  2. Change the sentences according to the model.
  3. Complete the following sentences a) using the Conditional Mood;
  4. Complete the sentences in this text using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
  5. Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible; otherwise use (be) able to.
  6. Complete the sentences with the correct words from the box.
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1. ... coins is an interesting hobby. 2. ... waste glass and paper again is called "recycling". 3. ... is a healthy sport. 4. ... money has become a mania with her. 5.... too much television gives me a headache. 6. ... to such loud music is bad for your ears. 7. ... time with your kids is the best thing you can do for them. 8. ... is my life! As well 308

as gardening! 9. ... tennis has become fashionable lately. 10. ... my rooms is so boring. 11. ... authentic literature improves my English. 12. ... broadens your horizons.

Ex. 534. Complete the sentences Add the necessary preposition

1. He's very punctual. You can count... . 2. I'm tired. I don't feel.... 3. The people criticize the government.... 4. The prisoner was accused... . 5. Lifeguards rescue people... . 6.1 am out of work. I'm anxious ... . 7. The workers threatened the boss ... . 8. This programmer is an expert... . 9. A gourmet gets pleasure .... 10. If you run out of money, you would have difficulty ... . 11. In a tight situation you have to find a way ... . 12. Teenagers I spend a lot of money .... 13. The police charged the motorist... . 14. A journalist can be sued ... . 15. Tactless people make a habit... . 16. Misers are despised ... . 17. If you live in a foreign country, you have the opportunity .... 18. Students are preoccupied ... . 19. You are a Jack-of-all-trades. Why not try your hand ... ? 20. To keep fit you have to refrain ....


Ex 535. Use the right form of the Gerund of the verbs in brackets.

1. We insist on (do) the work right now. The customers insist on the work (do) at once. 2.1 enjoy (go) to her parties. But I dislike (take) there by my boyfriend. 3. Stop (talk) about it. The incident isn't worth (mention). 4. — Have you finished (correct) the composition? — No, it still needs (brush up). 5. Sue admitted (tell) a lie. And she didn't mind (reprimand) for it. 6.1 am used to (remind) by my mother that life is great and I should keep (smiling), 7. Ted couldn't imagine (abuse) anyone, or (abuse) by anyone. 8. He is very secretive. He avoids (ask) any personal questions or (ask) any even by his closest friends. 9.1 remember (beat) once by my elder brother for cheating. 10. They suspected the inspector of (get) some more evidence and were afraid of (call) to the police station. 11. He wasn't used to (ignore).


Ex. 536.Complete the sentences. Add the necessary preposition.

1. Doctors dedicate themselves.... 2. Pessimists are always complaining... . 3. We should give industrious people credit... . 4. Why didn't you take the trouble ... ? 5. Vegetarians are opposed ... . 6. Shoplifters are arrested .... 7. Terrorists are capable .... 8. A musical person takes pleasure .... 9. The president of the company is optimistic .... 10.1 have a monotonous job, I'm fed up .... 11. The police try to stop motorists ... . 12. There is no chance .... 13. Is there any point... ? 14. I'm feeling tired. I am not in the mood... . 15. —Why do you persist... ? — We do insist .... 16. If an EFL student speaks his own language all the time, it interferes .... 17.1 am a decisive person, so I'll have no hesitation .... 18. Has anyone succeeded...? 19. You must take precautions .... 20. Why didn't you even apologize ... ?

Ex. 537.Use the right form of the Gerund instead of the verbs in brackets. Add the preposition if necessary.

1. The art (weave) has been known for many thousands of years. 2. After (destroy) by the eruption of Vesuvius Pompeii has never been rebuilt. 3. He was very much annoyed (refuse) the visa. 4. The sun is too strong today to go out (protect) your eyes. 5.1 dislike (sit) at a small table at meals. 6. Allow us to congratulate you (graduate) from King's College. 7. An impulsive man should keep himself (fly) into fits of rage. 8. She cannot forgive him (betray) their friendship. 9. If you insist (thwarting) my plan, I can go (work) at it (consult) you. 10. She prayed to God every night (see) her son soon. 11. Ursula tried to warm the girl's hands (rub) them with her own. 12. (Enter) the Internet, you enter a world of information.

Ex. 538.Read and translate the sentences. Comment on the functions of the Gerunds.

1. Taking a picnic in the heart of the English countryside is one of life's most treasured experiences. 2. Swimming every day keeps me in shape. 3. Rooming with Fred was like sharing a telephone booth with a hippopotamus. 4. Skateboarding is both exciting and dangerous.

5. Learning to meditate was a very enlightening experience for me. 6. Trying to do it has proved to be a Herculean labour. 7. It's no good talking about it. 8. Exercising in a pool is a great way of building up strength and endurance. 9. Smoking cigarettes can be as dangerous as playing Russian roulette. 10. There was no mistaking what they wanted of me. 11. Hearing him is a must for every beat fan. 12. Reading Russian classics calmed her. 13. Your knowing a thing is nothing unless another knows that you know it. 14. Working with Bruce was like going to several universities. 15. Doing this movie is wonderful. 16. You know, thinking about you makes me feel good. 17. It's been wonderful sharing this time here with you. 18. But we were all wrong. Now I don't think there is any turning back. This is the end, for me, anyway. 19. Once this happens, there's no going back. Not for me. 20. There's no improving on nature.


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