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Invention, to explode, dynamite, powerful, closet, iron, bulb, fortune, phonograph, discovery, genius, to carry out, research.

the lighting or heating device of a various kind and the device;

something that someone has made, designed or created, that did not exist before;

subsidiary room in an apartment house;

outstanding abilities, talent, talent in the certain field of activity;

the first device for mechanical record and reproduction of a sound;

to do a particular piece of work;


Listen to the text “Inventors and their inventions” and fill in the chart.

Inventor Invention Year of invention Country
Samuel Colt      
Rudolf Diesel      
Samuel Morse      
Charles Macintosh      
Charles Rolls, Henry Royce      
Gottlieb Daimler, Charles Benz      


Work in pairs.

Discuss with your partner:

- What scientific achievement, discovery or invention plays an important part in our/your life.

- Why?

- How often do you use it in your everyday life?


Write a report concerning the previous activity.


Lesson 6

Problem-based task (webquest)

Women in Science


We have been discussing the contributions of famous scientists who have revolutionized science. Many of these scientists have been men. However, there have been many women and other minorities who have contributed to the progress science has made.

The university newsletter is publishing a special edition showcasing the contributions of women scientists. You have been assigned the task of producing an article on a female scientist and you have carte blanche on who she might be. Your team (the photographer and the reporter) is responsible for getting the article of no more than a page to the newsletter editor. Your class has been assigned the role of editorial team and is responsible for putting out the entire newsletter.

The Task

You might want to consult some of the following web sites:

· 4000 years of Women in Science

· Women of the Marine Biology Laboratory in MA

· Women Physicists

· Women Biologists

· Women Mathematicians

· Women in Science, Math and Elsewhere




You may find the information about these famous women scientists – Marie Curie and Sofia Kovalevskaya from:

Resources recommended:












Your report will be evaluated as follows:

· Provides a complete article with the layout as it will appear in the school newsletter.

Give score of 1-5 for each category: 5=outstanding, 1=poor


Preparing this project you have learned that different kinds of people (race, age, nationality) have contributed to science. So if you study well and take part in the work of the students’ scientific society, make reports about your research work at the students’ scientific conferences, you have an opportunity to start your career in science from the very beginning of your study at the University and to make your future plans right now.


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