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Simply, quickly, actually, finally, nearly, however, despite.

II. Answer the following questions in pairs:

- Did Caselli’s “fax machine” actually work?

- Who designed the first steam engine?

- Who built the first steam engine?

- Who invented the first telephone?

III.Discussthe following questions in pairs:

1. Which information in the article did you already know?

2. Which information did you find more surprising?


IV. Discuss with your partner the following statement: “So, what do you need for an invention to be a success?” and make a sort of conclusion to your groupmates.


On/offline activity

Divide into groups of 3 or 4 people and find the information from the Internet about different inventions (for ex., e-mail, ballpoint, personal computer, video recorder, dishwasher, etc.) and present the information on:

- the name of the inventor;

- the country this invention was made in;

- what the thing was made for;

- how it is used now;

- how it influenced our life.

Recommended resources:



http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9E05EEDC1530F93BA35752C0A9619C8B^ http://talkback.zdnet.com/5208-11475-0.html?forumID=1&threadID=40652&messageID=751218 http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/01/07/yourmoney/mobile.php http://philip.greenspun.com/business/mobile-phone-as-home-computer;



Online activity

Writing an e-mail (to a friend)

Work in pairs

There are no fixed rules about composing e-mails, especially to friends. But a friend will be surprised if you write in a formal style. An e-mail is rather like a conversation without the pauses and hesitations.

Read this e-mail from your friend Alex:


How are you? It’s along time since I last heard from you.

What is your news?

How are your family?

Are you still studying English? How are you getting on with it?

How was your holiday? Where did you go and what did you do?

Best wishes,


Leo Jones, Making progress, Cambridge University Press

Before you write a reply, decide what you will say to Alex.

Write your reply to Alex.

Show your reply to a partner, and read his or her reply.


Write an adventure story about the invention which plays an important part in your life now in the Past Simple Tense and using new words from the lesson:

simply, quickly, actually, finally, nearly, however, despite, really, however.

Reply to your friend about your day, study, life...

Lesson 5

Lexical exercises

Match the words and their suitable definitions given below:

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