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Finance personal statement

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Since my early childhood I was the one playing banker in the Czech equivalent of Monopoly, as my parents (both graduates of economic study) mentioned that I had special smile when I touch, count and distribute money. While my dad saw the heights of the international market and my mum worked trough the paperwork that is hidden under the annual reports of every company, I became aware of the world of business rather early. Thanks to my older friend I came across a book called ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ from Mr. Kiyosaki, which gave my early experiences a bit of sense and structure and when I was twelve I was able to discuss assets and liabilities with my older peers and mainly with my dad.
Around that time I was given the opportunity to join a new type of school project called Open Gate, which is a bilingual boarding school which specializes in a western style education. As I successfully jumped into it, I’d learned during the study of an optional subject called Globalization, about the interdependence among countries, about wealth and poverty and about injustice in the world. It captured my attention as once Monopoly had done. Therefore I’ve chosen to do HL Economics and Geography in the IB Diploma Program. Step-by-step I realized the connection of Kiyosaki’s world of finance with the injustice of the poor ones. I knew that cement which holds our global economies together is money. Through my extended research into demand for oil I can appreciate the dependence of our society on the oil supply and how those who set oil prices affect literally everybody in the developed world. Meanwhile I found myself enjoying the maths around it and therefore I extended my knowledge by taking higher-level maths in the Czech State Diploma.
During my studies I’ve been able to work in a small accounting firm where I could get a taste for what my mum was doing – the accounting. It fascinated me how much work is being done with every single invoice and using the skills I picked up as part of my mums’ work I manage the school cafeteria finance. I was able to contribute with a new, simple, excel system that makes the accounting more comprehensible and transparent. Studying isn’t the only interest of mine; I leave the silent world of letters and numbers to engage in physical activity. I’ve played football since my early childhood and I liked the way our team was collaborating. As I entered Open Gate a few friends and me established an independent football club to satisfy our needs and on the basis of interest we are meeting up for more than 5 years already. My position is usually goalkeeper; therefore I’ve learned how to take the pressure as the last line of defense for the team. It strengthened my state of mind, which helped me sustain more than one difficult situation. My resolution to try at least one new sport every year has meant I’ve experienced paragliding, canyoning, racket ball and windsurfing. But something that stands out from it all is down hill biking, which I have been doing for four years now and it’s become a priority to spend holidays riding down the hills. I think that this combination of sport and studies is making me abnormally happy, as my friends don’t remember seeing me in a bad mood.
I’ve chosen England for my future as I prefer to study in English and I want the opportunity to meet with an international environment. University study offers me a great deal of practical education and the option of integrated placement to gain real life experience, which I simply can’t refuse. I seek great education and after graduate studies I want to assert myself in well-situated work places. I want to return back to the Czech Republic with a better sense of what I can achieve to improve our environment here. After all it is my home and if the world is based on finance, I want to understand and contribute to the enhancement of it.


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