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Events Management Personal Statement

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I believe I have rightly recognized the increasing demand and lack of graduates with the right

management skills in planning and organizing large-scale music events, and I strongly believe

I can play my part in filling this void. My interest in music, coupled with my ever-growing

experience in managing events in the UK as well as abroad provide me with a solid background,

and the urge to push myself to the next level. By studying a degree in this field I believe I

can quench my thirst for knowledge and fulfill my dreams of becoming an established and

successful events manager within the ever-growing entertainment industry.

I currently run my own company, Lionheart Promotions. In late 2005, I organized my first

event. It was a great learning experience for me as I had to identify the target audience,

devise the event concept, plan the logistics and coordinate the technical aspects before

actually executing the modalities of the proposed event.

Successful branding and a genuine love for event-based entertainment were a great catalyst in

making the event a success. This has become my forte. My most recent successful event has been

through my current job as a self-employed events manager, where I have organized an event with

the most well known hip-hop and reggae Djs in the UK. I utilized all media channels at my

disposal, including radio, social media, leaflets, as well as the best route of

'word-of-mouth'. I managed to deliver this event under budget, and to everyone's satisfaction.

It was a very successful night financially, and I made new contacts which I can hopefully

utilize in the future.

Since January 2011, I have been broadcasting a radio show in my local community, and have

managed to gain more key skills. I attended training workshops and have been awarded a

certificate of attendance in completion of An introduction to Radio' course (interviewing,

producing and presenting). I also attended a few courses which enable me to work with under

18's, giving me the capability to host events for that age group. I hold an NCFE level 1

certificate in drug awareness and a Level 2 SIA-approved certificate in door supervision and

licensed premises security.

I believe attending university will provide me with the stepping stones and keystone I require

to pursue and build my life-long dream of becoming a well-rounded events management expert. A

university degree would equip me with specialist skills, and provide crucial recognition of my

ability, determination and commitment to working in the entertainment and/or arts industry. I

believe this would greatly boost my long-term career prospects and allow me to better

contribute to society by providing and delivering top-notch events; be it business

team-building, live gigs and/or concerts, sports, exhibits, fundraisers,

fashion shows or award ceremonies.

I am a refugee in Britain and the experiences I have gone through living in Britain as an

asylum seeker and now as a refugee, have taught me a lot. As the saying goes, experience is

the teacher of all things. I am a quick learner and am willing to adapt to new environments

fast, as evidenced by my move from a third to a first world country. With my easy-going

personality, I will be able to interact readily with the international community and having

being integrated into the British society, I will contribute positively to the benefit of our

cross cultural experiences.


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