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Hospitality management personal statement

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Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, whose great variety makes it very interesting area of working. I have never thought about the fascination and the opportunities which this industry offers until the day I started to work as a tourist manager assistant two years ago. It was a summer job which was supposed to fill up my free time and increase my budget. I knew I was going to like it because I am keen on meeting new people and visiting tourist destinations, but I did not even suspect how much it would affect me. As an assistant I was required to help the tourist manager accommodate the guests and organize different kinds of entertainment. This job gave me opportunity to become acquainted with the work of such people as hotel, club and event managers. I was deeply impressed by their diligence to satisfy every need of their customers. I have realized the responsibility of their profession, but I have also understood how satisfied they are when their clients are happy. I will never forget the face of the tourist manager I worked with when the guests thanked him for the perfect holiday. His face was beaming. Despite the fact I was only an assistant I felt satisfaction too seeing that the tourists were content with our work. This feeling of gratification and even happiness was the main reason why I decided to study Hospitality management. I am fond of knowing more about each sector of Hospitality industry, in which I see my future.

Every manager needs leadership skills. I think I have gained them by participating in diverse activities. I was one of the students choosen to stage a play for the hundredth anniversary of my primary school. The most difficult task of the organization of the play was to make the children deliver an inspired performance. Eventually I managed to motivate them not only to be good actors but to enjoy acting itself. It produced positive response. The passion I have for foreign languages ensured my successful participation in the English Language Festival of my school. In this way I have improved my organizational and presentation skills. Being a member of both Eco-club-Mathew and Interact club, the aim of which is charity, I have gained a sense of teamspirit.

As a lover of nature the thing I like to do the most is to go hiking and on picnics. I find the nature of England very attractive and I am looking forward to going there and seeing its beauties. Dancing is my hobby too. I have been dancing a modern ballet for five years. This is my way to relax and keep fit.

I am reliable and positive person, who enjoys challenges and never gives up. I dream of managing a hotel, even a chain of hotels. I realize how great my ambitions are and how hard I must work to achieve them but I think it is most important to have a wish and will. When one who has strong wishes is self-confident and self-motivated, when he is patient and determined he can fulfill them. I know that besides all these qualities I must also have skills in order to succeed in this industry in which there is such a competition. Studying hospitality management I will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be a prosperous hospitality manager.

In ten years I imagine myself possessing a five-star hotel on the French Riviera and the first thing I should do to achieve my goal is to take this course at your university.


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