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Management Personal statement

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Management Personal statement

My greatest achievement to date was when I was appointed head of the
6th form Management committee. I have turned it from a minor committee
to a thriving active part of my school. Whilst maintaining the balance
between academic and extra-curricular pursuits I have used my
initiative in starting and managing the ‘Cafe’ at my school to raise
funds for any 6th form investments. Having planned this project from
the outset, I have learnt how to analyse problems and come up with
solutions whilst meeting deadlines and executing a basic business
strategy. These formal positions have taught me vital life skills such
as leadership, planning, working with others in a team, and
delegation. It has given me my first taste in managing a business, and
I am eager to learn more.

After a lot of research into many careers and thorough background
reading such as "The Irrational Economist", I realized a career in
business is something I would like to pursue. Having observed the
rapid changes in global economics, and the way firms react has
inspired me to take this knowledge further. My enthusiasm for business
has always been in its management: the fine art of ensuring that a set
of high quality cogs create a functioning timepiece.

When choosing my A level subjects I took into consideration which
transferable skills would be of use whilst pursuing a business based
degree. I took the highly analytical subject Economics due to its
relevance to the current climate in the business world as well as to
train me in writing focused persuasive essays. Not only has my study
of critical thinking supported this, but it has taught me how to
critique the arguments of others. Further Mathematics has taught me
how to analyse problems and to interpret information. My study of
Biology provides me with the logical mindset required to approach any
subject which will no doubt be helpful in studying for my chosen
degree. Finally, in studying AS level Religious Studies during my free
time, I learned valuable lessons, in philosophy and ethics as well as
working independently whilst exercising well developed time

As well as my schoolwork I take part in many extra-curricular
activities; I am currently head of my local youth group, where I have
learnt how to take control and organise different activities. I have
always been interested in the wellbeing of others and have taken part
in voluntary work. I enjoy my volunteer work at Childline, as it gives
me a sense of purpose and achievement, whilst enabling me to
communicate in an empathic and systematic manner. Not only has it
taught me to be a team player but also some key skills of how to be a
leader, such as how to listen to people’s problems and remain
uninvolved, and follow certain guidelines on how to deal with a
situation. My communication skills are further supported by my work in
speech and drama, when I have both delivered and judged speeches and
debates, teaching me how to assess objectively and give constructive
and positive feedback.

I understand that a business based degree is a highly demanding course
and needs dedication and hard work. I have taken up activities which
involve these attributes; karate is a sport which I enjoy and its
basic principles of motivation and hard work are qualities I value. I
have also taken up ballet and modern dance, Duke of Edinburgh, drama
and piano; reinforcing discipline, dedication and performance skills.

A business based degree is exceptionally diverse and can lead to many
opportunities; I will thrive on studying its many depths and breadths.
At present I have only just ventured into the business world and I am
eager to learn more. Potentially I would like to set up my own
business in the future and a business based degree will aid me. I see
myself as a very capable and enthusiastic person who will grasp this
challenging degree with both hands to further my academic potential
and become an asset to your university.



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