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Find the words in the text to match the following definitions.

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1. wrong idea, opinion, act, an error;

2. line, scratch, cut, stain, etc. that spoils the appearance of something;

3. natural ability or talent;

4. that which one means to reach, get, be, etc. plan, design, intention;

5. simple story designed to teach a moral lesson;

6. inner side, parts within;

7. different, of a number of different sorts;

8. perform or complete a task, duty, do what is required;

9. unique, of a particular or certain sort, not common, usual, general;

10. having little or no value, use, meaning or importance.

Match the words (1-10) to the words (A-J) to make word combinations.

A. problems

B. marks

C. sharpening

D. beings

E. discouraged

F. in the heart

G. person

H. the purpose

I. mistakes

J. maker


After-reading activities.

Work with your partners and accomplish four tasks.

Add more adjectives for the nouns in the text to make it more colourful.

Make up a list of the verbs used in the text to describe the moral of the parable.

Illustrate your work with pictures and drawings.

Develop an action plan to accept the moral of the parable.

Gallery Walk. Present the results of your work. Reflecting on the learning experience.


Pre-reading activities.

1. Learn the following words and word-combinations:

Appreciation – вдячність;

Goldsmith – ювелір;

Toss a coin – підкидати монету;

Mob – юрба, голота;

Etching – гравюра;

Woodcuts – різьба по дереву;

Oil – картина намальована олійними фарбами;

Pursue – обирати своєю професією, ставити за мету;

Parchment – пергамент;

To pay homage to – засвідчувати повагу, віддавати належне;

Painstakingly – ретельно, старанно;

Abused hands – пошкоджені руки.


2. Family life has always been a subject of research in literature. Famous writers have always described how people build their family relationships. Family life has changed a lot over the centuries, but family values have never been the subject of change. I think you agree with me that the main characteristic features of any family are love, respect, mutual understanding and tolerance. Today we are going to speak about the main feature, love. Getting ready for today’s lesson I made a little research, I tried to find the best quotation about love and found out that there are 14,958 quotes about love in the Internet and only 47 ones about unconditional love. You will ask: What is the difference? It is what we are going to figure out at our today’s lesson. So, let’s start. I will give you two quotes and you will try to guess which of them is about love and which is about unconditional love.

Love asks me no questions,

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