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Mark the sentences below as true or false.

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  1. A few common expressions are enough for most telephone conversations. Practice these telephone expressions by completing the following dialogues using the words listed below.
  2. A Read the text again quickly and complete sentences 1-6.
  3. A Write the questions for the answers below.
  4. A) Answer the questions and then compare your answers with the information given below.
  5. A) Complete each gap with missing phrase from the box below
  6. A) Complete each gap with missing phrase from the box below.
  7. A) Complete the table with personal and professional abilities. Use the list below. Give the reasons.

a) John’s family was surprised when he started to take an interest in football.

b) When John was 12, it became clear that he had certain abilities for football.

c) All apprentice players of the club will become football stars.

d) After lunch apprentices had a training.

e) Parents helped their son to fulfill his dream of becoming a football star.

Answer the questions and discuss the issues touched upon in them.

ü What are the major differences between amateur and professional sport?

ü Which of these two types of sport is more health enhancing?

ü Is sport an activity for everyone irrespective of his / her age, physical abilities, gender, etc.?

Section 4. Follow up activity

4.1. Write an article for a health magazine aimed at motivating the readers to take up the kind of sport described in it. Don’t forget to mention in your article: a) necessity of regular sport activities; b) social and health benefits of this sport; c) its possible dangers; d) necessary equipment.





Section 1. Warming-up

1.1. Surely stress is a very frequently used word in our busy, fast moving contemporary life. But do you know what exactly it is? Try to formulate its definition and make up a list of signs of stress.

1.2. Now read the poem written by an American psychiatrist William Goldsmith and answer the questions:

1. What examples of stressful situations are described in it?

2. What happens to body organs and functions when a person experiences stress? Is stress a normal reaction of an organism?

3. Does stress always do harm to us?

4. Is the mood of the poem pessimistic or optimistic? Why do you think so?


A definition, friends, of stress:
Your own reaction to a mess
Stresses may be large or small
Sometimes they're not perceived at all
Examples: Say a lack of cash;
A just-avoided freeway crash;
An allergen that's in the air;
The barber says you're losing hair;
Fifty on a spavined horse;
Attorney's letter re divorce;
Wetness, dryness, heat or cold;
Callow youth or getting old.
Stress from pains to pleasures range
The common element is change.
Adapt or die, and that's a fact
And so our bodies must react:
The heart speeds up, the gut slows down;

Facial muscles snarl or frown;
Bronchial tubes expand and then
The blood absorbs more oxygen.
Widened pupils search the void;
Adrenal glands secrete steroid;
Serum glucose starts to climb;
More insulin works overtime.
Stressed physically or mentally
Muscles tense to fight or flee.
The midbrain boils with rage and fear
While cortex plans to save your rear.
The point is, stress is not unique;
It doesn't mean you're dumb or weak
A part of mankind's constitution
Bequeathed to us by evolution
Common both to man and beast
It proves you're still alive, at least.

Section 2. Reading

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