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Lexical exercises. I. Read the emails below

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Active Vocabulary

I. Read the emails below. For each, choose the best subject line.

1. 2.

a. Office designs–London a. Brussels Conference

b. Meeting– your office b. Programme changes

c. Anton Berg–new offices c. Theatre tour, USA



II. Would you write a formal or an informal email in the following situations?

1. Agreeing to meet a colleague for lunch.

2. Complaining to a supplier about a mistake in an order.

3. Requesting information from an official website.

4. Attaching the agenda for a meeting in an email to a colleague abroad.

5. Apologizing for a delay in delivery to a customer.

6. Sending your boss a report.

III. Some of these phrases are used formally and some informally. Choose the correct order.

  Formal Informal
Dear John Hi John    
I’m writing to inform you that… I’m writing to let you know that…    
We are having a get-together We are arranging a meeting    
I’d like to apologize for Sorry about    
Let me know if you can make it Let me know if you can attend    
I would be very pleased to come I’d love to come    
This is to let you know about Just to let you know about    

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