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VIII. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

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  1. Complete the collocates below by adding an appropriate noun. Some can combine with more than one noun.
  2. Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible; otherwise use (be) able to.
  3. Complete this memo with the words given below. Translate it into Russian.
  4. Fill in the correct word derived from the words at the end of the sentence.
  5. I. Read the list of adjectives below and find the pairs of opposite words.
  6. I. Read the text once again and find in the text the English equivalents of the following Russian words. Make up your own sentences with these words.
  7. I. Suggest English equivalents of the following expressions and use them in your own sentences based on the text.


1. compelling; 2. findings; 3. given;4. judgment; 5. majority (2); 6. plead for a light

sentence; 7. plead for leniency; 8. plead guilty; 9. plea in mitigation; 10. pre-sentence (2); 11. reaching; 12. televising trials; 13. the burden of proving; 14. unanimous; 15. vital.



p. The Victorian Supreme Court jury deliberating in the murder trial of gangland widow Judy Moran was today having trouble ____________ a_____________ verdict.

q. The definition of a ____________ report is contained in s. 158 Criminal Justice Act 2003. (1) In this Part "______________report" means a report which: (a) with a view to assisting the court in determining the most suitable method of dealing with an offender, is made or submitted by an appropriate officer, and (b) contains information as to such matters, presented in such manner, as may be prescribed by rules made by the Secretary of State.

r. Where the offence is non-capital, and the evidence is such that a not guilty verdict is highly unlikely, defendants are advised to ___________ and have an attorney make a ____________.

s. The written ___________ of the trial court, __________ in accordance with article 5 (6) of the Order in Council, was extensive. It contained 90 paragraphs. As will be seen, many of the issues of fact which were considered in it were not in dispute at the trial, and many of the trial court’s ___________ in fact are not affected by the grounds of appeal.

t. At the trial, as in all criminal trials in Scotland, _____________ the guilt of the accused lay on the Crown, and so remained throughout the trial. In order to secure a conviction against either accused, the Crown had to succeed in proving his guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

u. Periodically, when a jury cannot agree on a verdict (that is, the jury is ‘hung’) or when jurors subsequently reveal that they did not truly agree with the verdict, public debate arises about whether New South Wales should adopt a _____________ verdict system in criminal trials. Presently, _____________ verdicts are permitted in criminal trials in five Australian jurisdictions - Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia128 - although such verdicts are subject to certain limitations.

v. We should be cautious about ______________ as they would do little to bolster public faith in the judicial system and provide for open justice.

w. A divided three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday that prosecutors may not present positive urine samples and other ____________ evidence that the government says shows that the slugger knowingly used steroids.

x. The most recent report on atrocity crimes in South Kordofan was published on Tuesday, August 23 2011, by the Satellite Sentinel Project ("Special report: evidence of burial of human.remains in Kadugli"). It provides ___________ evidence - satellite photography and eyewitness accounts - of three additional mass gravesites in and around Kadugli, capital of South Kordofan, and scene of well-documented attacks on the Nuba ethnic group.

y. Every defendant has his first chance to___________ on the occasion of original sentencing; this of course includes those whose pleas succeed in persuading the judge to grant probation. For those who receive active sentences, the second chance is the Rule 35(b) motion. For a probationer, the second chance is the revocation hearing. As the Johnson court acknowledged, that hearing offers a realistic opportunity to _______________.


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II. Suggest English equivalents of the following expressions and use them in your own sentences based on the text.| VIII. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions from the box.

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