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Fill the space with words from the box

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  1. Ask questions about what these people are going to be. Use these words: musician / actor / secretary / businesswoman / doctor / journalist
  2. B). Open the brackets. c). Put questions to the underlined words.
  3. Change the words in capital letters so that they make sense in the text
  4. Choose one of the words above and fill in the blanks in the sentences
  5. Complete these sentences with words from the article.
  6. Compose your own sentences with each English equivalent of the words and phrases given in exercise 9. Compare your variants with the sentences of your partner.
  7. Compose your own sentences with each English equivalent of the words given in exercise 12. Compare your variants with the sentences of your partner.

a) fraud b) decision c) consideration d) terrorism e) implementation f) criminal g) investigation h) strengthening i) technical j) supporting  


Under regional cooperation, the Council adopted a resolution on an Europe-Africa fixed link through the Straits of Gibraltar; and on human settlements, it adopted a __________(1) in which it took note of the report of the Secretary-General on the coordinated implementation of the Habitat Agenda and requested the Secretary-General to submit a report on the coordinated __________(2) of the Habitat Agenda for __________(3) by the Council at its substantive session of 2008.

In the context of the report of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, the Council adopted resolutions on follow-up to the Eleventh United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and preparations for the Twelfth Congress; __________(4) assistance for implementing the international conventions and protocols related to __________(5); strategy for the period 2008-2011 for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime; international cooperation in the prevention, __________(6), prosecution and punishment of economic __________(7) and identity-related crime; information-gathering instrument in relation to United Nations standards and norms in crime prevention and criminal justice; __________(8) basic principles of judicial conduct; __________(9) national efforts for child justice reform, in particular through technical assistance and improved United Nations system-wide coordination; and a resolution on international cooperation for the improvement of access to legal aid in __________(10) justice systems, particularly in Africa.



  1. b
  2. e
  3. c
  4. i
  5. d
  6. g
  7. a
  8. h
  9. j
  10. f


In most of the lines there is one extra word which does not fit. Some lines are correct. If a line is correct put a tick in the space provided. If there is an extra word in the line, write that word in the space.

Mills Training is the number-one training institute in Ireland

and has had been a leading provider of in-company training since 1).....................
1988. Our years of experience also in the field have enabled us to build 2)....................

up a deep understanding of the high changing training needs of 3)....................

organisations and their staff. The staff itself of an organisation are its 4)....................

most important asset, and their training and development are 5)....................

therefore vital in of today's copetitive market. Mills Training is well 6)....................

placed that to help companies stay ahead of the competition by getting 7)....................

the best out of their own people. In-company training is the perfect 8)....................

solution for companies that have a number of people with the same 9)....................

training need. By this option provides companies with the 10)..................

opportunity to work with our specialist in-company training team.


1. had

2. also

3. high

4. itself

5. -

6. of

7. that

8. own

9. -

10. by

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