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A batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone(Consignment)

In accordance (with) (in conformity with)

A person or company that transports or receives goods by sea, land, or air (shipper)

The action of fitting together the component parts of a machine or other object (assembly)

Legally or officially acceptable (valid)

b) The telephone talk:

A cablegram (a cable)

To refrain from careful examination (to waive the inspection)

Loading permit (release note)

(B) Exercise 3. Choose the best word to complete the sentences:

1. The Sellers sell and the Buyers buy the goods listed/assemledin the Specification

2. The specification forms an integral part/note of this Order.

3. The goods are to be delivered in three standards/parcels.

4. The first parcel is to be attached/shipped in August.

5. Export packing is made in conformity withthe accepted standards/ expences.

6. Operation and maintenance cases/instructionsare to be shipped with the goods.

7. Payment is to be effectedin euroes by a divisibleLetter of Credit to be replaced /validfor 60 days.

8. The guarantee is not applied to damagecaused by improper/ unpackedstorage or carelessmaintenance.

9. The machines are ready for the storage /inspection and test.

10. We suggest/propose that you should test the machines without our inspectors.


(B) Exercise 4. Match the words to make word combinations:

  1. careless
  1. paint
  1. water-proof
  1. storage
  1. the guarantee
  1. ammount
  1. total
  1. part
  1. integral
  1. instructions
  1. improper
  1. standards
  1. the aceepted
  1. maintenance
  1. maintenance
  1. period

(B) Exercise 5. Fill in the necessary prepositions:

1. The goods are to be delivered.__ three parcels __ the rateof one consignment each month.

2. Export packing is made __ conformity __the accepted standards.

3. Each case is to be marked __ weather-proof paint

4. Operation and maintenance instructionsare to be shipped __ the goods.

5. The guarantee is not applied __ damage caused __ improper storage or carelessmaintenance

6. If the machines prove to be defective__ the guarantee period, the Sellers undertake __ replace or repair any defective part free __ charge.


(B) Exercise 6. Change these sentences according to the given models:


Model 1:

The quality of the goods conforms (does not conform) to the world standards.

The quality of the goods is (not) in conformity with the world standards.

1. The technical characteristics of the Machine-tools conform to the specifications.

2. The quality of the Cotton (хлопок) received under Contract No. 53/348 does not conform to the standards.

3. The capacity of the Drilling Rigs does not conform to that stated in the catalogue.

4. The efficiency of the Turbine fully conforms to our requirements.


Model 2:

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