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(A) Exercise 7. Choose a suitable ending.

1.We are interested in tractorValtra S353 a.you will send us a tender for the abovetractor.
2.We shall be obligedif b.the most favorable terms ofpayment.
3.Please quote c.that Mr. Stepanov is visiting Helsinki next month.
4.Please state d.your early reply.
5.We should also like to inform e.your lowest price.
6. We are looking forward to f.advertised by you in Hanover at “Euro Tier.

(B) Exercise 8. Complete these sentences:

1. We shall be obliged if … (вы сообщите нам название и адрес организации, являющейся экспортёром товара, который нас интересует.)

2. You’ll be satisfied with the quality of the machine as … (они имеют отличные рабочие характеристики и надёжны в эксплуатации).

3. The machine advertised in the journal “Electric Motor” (превосходит по качеству другие модели этой компании) …

4. Please get in touch with the firm and find out (условия оплаты и время доставки)…

5. We request you to send us (технические характеристики на эту модель)…

6. As stated above we can’t agree to your (условиями оплаты)…

7. Our representative is leaving Moscow this week and (свяжется с вами для проведения переговоров)…

(B) Exercise 9. Summarize the contents of the letter using the following questions:

1. What type of business letter is it?

2. What company is it written by?

3. What company is it addressed to?

4. What are the Buyers interested in?

5. What do the Buyers ask to quote?

6. Who will get in touch with the Sellers to start talks?

7. How is the letter ended?

(B) Exercise 10. Choose the sentences which are used in the letters of inquiry.

1) Dear Sir or Madam

2) Thank you for your beautiful letter.

3) I am writing to ask about

4) I am writing to enquire about

5) I have just found your advertisement in.. and would like to..

6) I hope you are well.

7) I am writing in connection with...

8) Sorry for my late response.

9) I have been looking for..

10) The photos you sent me are very impressive.

11) That's all for now.

l2) I am interested in..

13) Anyway, I must end this letter now.

14) It was great to hear from you again.

15) I am planning to.. and that is why i found this text/offer/advertisement interesting

16) I think you might want to hear about my dog.

17) I have just read about your services but i am not sure if...

18) You will be surprised to hear that I have got married.

19) I'm very interested to hear all your news.

20) I cannot understand if

21) I am still not sure about one thing/problem,namely...

22) I'm waiting impatiently for your answer.

23) It is not clear to me if

24) I wonder if you could

25) I would like to know more details about

26) I would like to ask for further information about

27) I'm really looking forward to meeting you soon.

28) Best Regards.

29) Yours Peter.

30) I would like to ask for further information concerning...

31) I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but I was in Paris.

32) I would be very grateful if you could

33) How's your mother.

34) How are you doing?

35) I look foroward to you answer/to hearing from you.

36) I would like to ask if/when/where/why...

(A,B)Exercise 11. Read the enquiry letters. Make the summaries of their contents.

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