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Проанализируйте и переведите следующие предложения.

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1. Thereport does not include a section on rights observance in the
United States itself.

2. Theissues confronting Europe go to the heart of its great construc­

3. It would be progress to get away with thenotion that oil is scarce — an
assumption that led to two decades of energy policy mistakes, such as
subsidising coal and nuclear power.

4. Even as prices fall, governments of oil consuming countries should
be guarded against thedangers of oil dependence.

5. Unless Europe and Asia are able to keep the US committed to open
multilateralism, theAsian crisis may yet produce nasty results.

6. Thedebate over the House of Lords reform has so far missed the
main point. [Britain]

7. Thedecision set off a furor in the publishing industry on both sides
of the Atlantic.

8. «Nestle» confirmed its earlier warnings that the coming year sales-
volume growth fell below the company's 4% growth target. The Swiss
company blamed theresults on economic turmoil in emerging markets.

9. Thepoll echoes a warning from the Trade and Industry Secretary,
that Britain may be vulnerable to charges by fellow EU countries that it is
turning its back on Monetary Union and therefore Europe.

10. Initially I thought she was copying pictures out of books. Then the
penny dropped: it was not a copy, but theoriginal.

11. Official figures showed yesterday that theeconomy, despite
slowing under theweight of higher rates, thestrong pound and theeco­
nomic crisis in Asia, is still creating jobs.

12. As the country's deepest postwar recession continues, with indus­
trial production plummeting and unemployment soaring at rates last seen
during theDepression, fears are growing that Prime Minister's medicine
may be permanently disabling rather than curing.

13. Doomsayers predict a decade of lost growth in East Asia, like the
that Latin America went through after its debt crisis in the early

14. «Which candidate are you against?» ... «All the candidates have
given me a reason to vote against them.»

15. Democratic economists believe that at a time when business is op­
erating with considerable slack, the nation could stand even larger deficits
without much risk of accelerating inflation.

16. After a treaty intended to establish a permanent International!
Criminal Court was negotiated in 1998 in Rome, the British Foreign Of-i
fice said «theinstitution would help to tackle thegrotesque paradox
whereby thekiller of one person is more likely to be brought to justice
than thekiller of thousands.»

17. His aides made clear that the ideas, disclosed in an interview, were
not fixed in stone and were simply the start of a « free-thinking» exercise
on possible EU reforms.

18. Legal advice will be available from booths in Community centres,
doctors' surgeries and public libraries under plans outlined by the Lord
Chancellor yesterday.

19 Diplomats fear an influx into Western Europe this summer of ille­gal immigrants being released from Italian detention centres under loop­holes in new immigration laws.

20. The Government, besieged by criticism of its handling of the
economy, yesterday gratefully pounced on news of a fall in unemploy­
ment to its lowest level for 18 years, combined with an easing in wage
pressure which had been responsible for interest rate rises.

21. The new doctrine, approved by President Clinton last month,
marks an important step forward a world in which the United States relies
on fewer nuclear weapons for its defense.

22. A president who spends most of his working hours figuring out
how to buy votes with public money is not likely to be very critical of a
multilateral agency (the IMF) that does pretty much the same thing.

23 The new administration has decided to propose a relaxation of air pollution regulations to make it easier for oil refiners, steel producers and other basic industries to expand and modernize their plants, Vice Presi­dent announced.

24. UN officials report that seven Arab oil-producing countries in the
Gulf are about to announce a $250-million annual fund for UN aid agen­

25. The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions plans a national rally
on May 1st, a traditional day for workers ' agitation.

26. The European Union's industry ministers Friday called for a link
between all state subsidies to the steel industry and cuts in capacity. But
they were unable to agree on a deadline for phasing out subsidies.

27. The Labour Party leader called the figures «tragic and terrible»
and called for a debate in Parliament.

28. EU finance ministers agreed Monday to seek a common policy on
the stabilizing of interest rates before the economic summit conference
scheduled for July in Ottawa.

29. Some Planning Ministry official favor an income tax not because
the government needs themoney, but because they believe Kuwaitis
should understand the relationship between effort and reward.

30. Under mounting political pressure to do something to stimulate
Germany's economy, the Berlin government Wednesday announced a se­
ries of incentives to boost business investment, particularly in energy and
new technology fields.

31 The Federal government can borrow from the Federal Reserve to finance immense deficits, has done so, and surely will again when eco­nomic downturn calls for fiscal stimulus.

32. Government cutbacks in state spending have badly hit local
authorities, and most have started _ big cutbacks, including layoffs that
have worsened unemployment, currently at 2.06 million, or 8.5 per cent
of the work force.

33. The Bundesbank said Thursday that it does not see any room for a
retreat from its tight credits policies despite an economic downturn,
which has spurred repeated calls for_lower interest rates to stimulate the
economy and fight unemployment.

34. There are legitimate questions about the stability of Monetary
Union and the drive for a federal Europe that will not be resolved by the
instinct to embrace the« modern» option.

35. A research officer at the department of economics at Birkbeek
College, looked forward to forging links with groups in Eastern Europe in

preparation for a European convention to be held possibly a year from now.

36. The ambitious plan of the Bolivian government calls not only for
end to new planting of coca plants, but for unprecedented eradication
of existing crops. Compensation to individual farmers who voluntarily
eradicate their plants is to stop by the end of this year. An alternative
« community» scheme will be phased out by 2011.

37. All this boiled down to a demand, not yet explicitly stated, for a
program of aid and reconstruction on the scale being planned for Europe
at that time by the incipient Organization for European Economic Coop­
eration (OEEC).

38. The coalition began campaigning for a tax to get at excessive oil
profits early last fall.

39. It is time for a decision: without it, in the end, there will be no
possible solution.

40. Twenty-four American political figures, most of them of Irish an­
cestry, Tuesday urged an end to «the fear and the terrorism and the big­
otry» in Northern Ireland and proposed that the administration find a way
to promote a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

41. The conference produced what's been described as the most prob­
ing discussions on plant closings that have yet been conducted in the
USA. There was 100% support for a new federal agency to handle the
shutdowns epidemic, and the conference adopted a plan outlining the
need for a new Job Preservation Act in Congress to set up such an

42. This is indeed a new world. But not one that needs a new Colum­
bus to claim it or reshape it.

43. The disclosure that a Pulitzer Prize-winning account had been fab­
ricated has focused attention on the steps a newspaper or a broadcast sta­
tion takes to verify a story when a reporter says the main participants
cannot be identified.

44. Justice Department officials are developing a package of legisla­
tive proposals to increase the federal government's ability to fight violent


45. A German Jewish leader stepped into the nationality dispute,
warning in an interview Friday that it had given a dangerous boost to far-
right groups, Agency France-Press reported from Bonn.

46. A bacterial outbreak linked to a Michigan meat processing plant
has claimed eight lives, federal officials reported.

47. Taiwan's central bank has been considering lending to the central

banks of Indonesia and Thailand. A negotiating team from Indonesia is expected in Taipei soon.

48. While the break-up of old fixed-wire monopolies preoccupied
most consumers and investors, a quiet revolution was happening in wire­
less service.

49. The immediate cause [of the violent riots in Harare] was a steep
rise in the price of Zimbabwe's staple food, maize meal. A committee has
now been appointed to review all recent price rises.

50. An array of cheap government loans and services was made avail­
able to encourage investment in industry.

51. An IMF team will visit Brazil «promptly» to set new economic
targets in light of the new currency regime and will soon open a perma­
nent office in Brazilia.

52. Although few expect a quick upturn for the Chinese economy, the
long-term optimists about China continue to rely on rosy economic fore­

53. The merger trend is roaring full steam ahead in the world auto in­
dustry, on a scale not seen since the 1920s. Back in 1921, there were 88
auto manufacturers in the U.S. By 1928, only 32 remained. Today there
are only 25 auto manufacturers in the world! And by all indications, only
a few of these will survive the next few years.

54. Few diseases have been as politicised as AIDS. And in few other
cases is political correctness such a danger to the disease's victims.

55. To the average housewife, who can see for herself that the prices
in the supermarket are edging up, the Labor Department's bulletin last
week was hardly a surprise.

But few housewives or their husbands either, were aware of another, «invisible» form of inflation — namely, reductions in the size of pack­ages that are not accompanied by reduction in price.

56. Few industries can boast such rapid growth as this one.

57. Few other international problems have such a complex structure or
such wide repercussions.

58. That in turn has left him with little immediate choice but to be­
come more repressive still: to re-establish his authority by force of loyal


59. The Labour leaders never faced up to what was involved in
breaking the grip of the giant monopolies on the British economy. They
showed little understanding of the nature of the state, or of the kind of
battle needed to transform it.

60. Yesterday's proceedings were an antiquated farce, enjoyed by no

one, and serving little purpose. The sensible way to wrap up a parlia­mentary session would surely be to vote a closure on the last day of the summer term.

61. Certainly there was little evidence that he would be able to shift
the State Secretary from his fundamental lack of enthusiasm for the proj­

62. In his address on the House floor Mr. Levigston said Thursday:
«To my friends on the left: ...Government left unwatched can lead to in­
justice. To my friends on the right: ...Government is not inherently evil».

63. After the sense of drift during John Major's years in power, it is a
refreshing change for Britain to have a government which inspires wide­
spread public confidence.

64. Thegovernment has begun a program in which people aged 18 to
24 who have been unemployed for at least six months face losing their
dole money unless they get a job or enter a training program, although the
jobless rate among the group is 13.5 percent.

65. The rise of East Asia in the late twentieth century may ultimately
prove to be a more important world-historical event than the collapse of


Перевод конструкции глагол (герундий) + имя + into (out of)+ ге­рундий! существительное приобретает каузативное, побудительное значение и представляет известную трудность, так как в русском языке нет грамматических средств для передачи каузативности. В этой конструкции первый член, выраженный глаголом (например: force, frighten, pressure, coerce, bully, talk, draw), передает действие, при помощи которого удается добиться цели; цель передается чет­вертым чченом конструкции, который выражается герундием или существительным. Второй член конструкции — имя (существитель­ное/местоимение или субстантивированное прилагательное) пока­зывает объект, на который направлено действие; третий член — предлог показывает направление действия.

Каузативность при переводе на русский язык в каждом отдель­ном случае передается лексическими средствами.

The President is almost certainly going to talk Congress into giving him the trade-negotiating authority. Президент почти навер-

няка будет уговаривать Конгресс предоставить ему полномочия для ведения торговых переговоров.

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