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Functions regarding to reporting

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Written application:

- Application deadline is the November 11 23:59; Almaty time

Complete application should be sent to mariya.lyubchanskaya@aiesec.net

- named as Surname_Name_OCP_Project Name.

Election speech:

- Election Conference will take place on the November 12

- Your Election Speech supported with a Power Point Presentation should last 5 min. (including intro, vision, motivation, planning, team organization, strategy)

- Questions & Answers session – 7 min.

- Announcement of the election results will be on LCM on the November 14



- Late applications will not be considered.


Available OCP POSITIONS you can apply:

ER Department:

Ø Top Talents 10 Spring’13

Ø G.I.F.T.

MC Department:

Ø Youth to Business




The OCP is responsible for managing the following processes and activities concerning to the team management & project realization:

· Project Planning & Development

· Project Promotion

· Participation in members selection & newies allocation processes.

· Development of a project's concept

§ Team management – team building & personal and organizational value alignment; members’ motivation for the further development via applying for LR positions; motivation of a potential successor.

§ Communication building with EB & Leadership Body of the LC.


· Crisis management;

· Team management;

· Ways of finding right approach to people;

· Ways of finding multiple, creative and innovative solutions to the problem;

· Time management;

· experience of management by the project or the direction in the organization;

· experience of management by team and experience of development of her members;

· practical skills and knowledge of maintaining the project;

· personal development;

· responsibility towards the project or the organization direction, and also responsibility for development of participants of the project or the organization.


OCP should have following abilities:


· Talent Planning, Talent Fast Track, Talent Tracking & Pipeline, Talent Motivation,

· Rewards & Recognition, Talent Performance Assessment, and Talent Succession

· Planning, concept development.

· Budgeting & Review

· Diversification of Revenues

· Local Development Funds Management

· Compendium & Local Policies


Department: External Relations


Top Talents 10

Realization period: March-April 2013

· Raising case-providing companies;

· Active promotion of the project on the youth market;

· Recruiting students for participation in the project for solving cases of companies;

· Organizing the training process for participants.



Major functions:

· Leading the team

· Partners raising

· Bring new ideas to the project

· Relationship management

· Motivating teammates

· Organizational skills

· Interviewing skills

Functions regarding to reporting

Direct communication and accountability to the LCVP ER during planning and execution.

Weekly reports to the LCVP ER – Zaure Zhumabekova


G.I.F.T. (Grow Individual's Future Talants) is a social project aimed at children in orphanage houses from 6th to 11th grade in the form of weekly sessions, lectures and simulations.

The aim of the project is

- to motivate them;

- to develop qualities such as leadership, responsibility for their and others future, being proactive, a broad outlook and other useful skills, that will help them to establish their future life and career path;

- to inform them about professions and what skills are required in different professions;

- to inform them about grants and scholarships;

- to inform about social problems that exist in Kazakhstan and the whole World.

Format of the project:

- Career guidance

- Trainings

- Teambuildings

- Lectures about social problems.


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