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B) Do the multiple choice test given below in figures and letters.

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  2. A few common expressions are enough for most telephone conversations. Practice these telephone expressions by completing the following dialogues using the words listed below.
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  4. A) Answer the questions and then compare your answers with the information given below.
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1. Peter Ustinov speaks … foreign languages.

a) three b) five c) two

2. Peter Ustinov is a …

a) a writer and actor b) a musician c) a ballet dancer

3. Peter Ustinov is one of the eight actors in the world who …

a) started to act at the age of 19 b) has written 5 plays c) has more than one Oscar

4. His first successful play was …

a) House of Regrets b) The Unknown Soldier and his Wife c) Private Angelo

5. In 1977 his … was a great success.

a) film ‘Spartacus’ b) autobio­graphy ‘Dear Me’ c) play ‘House of Regrets’

6. Peter’s … children are grown up now.

a) two b) three c) four

4. a) You’ve just found the theatrical performance review of the play you saw last Sunday in the National Opera of Ukraine. Read it and focus on the two main points.

* When and where did the play take place?

* What did the person who watched the play like most of all?

Last Sunday we went to the National Opera of Ukraine to watch "The Nutcracker".

The best Ukrainian actors and actresses performed in the play. They wore make-up and glamorous costumes. Their acting was enchanting and moving. The scenery on the stage was rich and impressive. The plot of the play was exciting and interesting. During the interval everybody discussed the actors' play, the scenery and the music. All people enjoyed the performance great­ly. The final scene was unforgettable. As soon as it was finished, the spectators stood up. The audience broke into applause, because the people liked the play, and the participants took many curtain calls. Moreover, all of them were presented with flowers.

The company gave the truly remarkable play, which was of great educational value. As a result, it was a great success.

To sum up, we spent wonderful time at the theatre and went back home delighted and inspired.


B) Answer the questions given before the review.

A) Read the conversation between Alice and Rudolf and pay attention to the places where tickets can be bought.

Rudolf: Here are our tickets for the theatrical performance next Saturday.

Alice: When did you have time to buy them? I know that you've been really busy this month.

Rudolf: Do you think it's difficult nowadays? You can buy your tickets from the ticket agent, from the theatre box office or from the ticket booth in Leicester Square. You can even save your time and buy your ticket online. I bought the tickets from the ticket agent. He visited our office two weeks ago.

Alice: Where are our seats?

Rudolf: They are in the stalls, so we'll be able to see the performance clearly.

Alice: We'll have a wonderful time, I think.

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B) Your teacher will offer you one of the variants given below. Translate the sentences into English in writing.| I. Заполните пропуски артиклями там, где необходимо.

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