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B) Complete the following table of statistics. Fill in the missing percentage using figures from the box.

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68% 62% 60% 52% 30% 25% 20% 14% 10%


What the nation does at bath time:

Read _____
Drink coffee 31%
Sing _____
Drink alcohol _____
Talk on the phone _____
Clip their toe-nails 16%
Prefer baths to showers _____
Listen to music 53%
Dream _____
Watch TV _____
Have sex 4%
Wash hair _____
Wash the dog _____
Play with children’s toys 4%

C) Re-phrase these statistics using fractions in your answer.

Example: 31% drink coffee in the bath. Just under a third drink coffee in the bath.


1. 25% drink alcohol. _____________________________________________________________
2. 53% listen to music. _____________________________________________________________
3. 20% watch TV. _____________________________________________________________
4. 60% prefer baths to showers. _____________________________________________________________
5. 10% wash the dog. _____________________________________________________________
6. 62% wash their hair. _____________________________________________________________
7. 30% sing. _____________________________________________________________



Cardinal numbers

These numbers are often confused. Notice that if we pronounce them singly, the stress changes.

16, 60 sixteen, sixty
17, 70 seventeen, seventy


In British English we say and before the tens in large numbers. This is left out in US English.

four hundred (and) sixty-five
seven hundred (and) one


A comma is often written to separate the thousands in numbers over 999.

3,986 three thousand nine hundred and eighty-six


We sometimes say a instead of one in large numbers.

1,000,000 a million


British and US English differ in the pronunciation of these very large numbers.

1,000,000,000 a thousand million (British English) a billion (US English)
1,000,000,000,000 a billion (British English) a trillion (US English)


However, many British companies are now adopting the US usage, so if in doubt, check.

Some British newspapers have started to adopt the European term milliard to refer to a thousand million, but many British people are still unfamiliar with the term.


Long numbers

In long numbers such as phone, fax, bank account, or credit card numbers, we pronounce the figures individually.

seven two oh, eight double four


We generally group the numbers in threes, rather than in twos as is common in Europe.

  seven two oh / eight double four



Although the money signs are written in front of the numbers, we generally say them after the numbers.

FF56 fifty-six French francs
$4m four million dollars
¥92bn ninety-two billion yen


Do not make this common mistake:

Ninety-two billions of yen


We pronounce years in two halves.

nineteen ninety-six


But we pronounce the year two thousand whole.

two thousand and one



In British English the and of are spoken but not written.

25th April 1954

The twenty-fifth of April, nineteen fifty-four or April the twenty-fifth, nineteen fifty-four

In US English the date is generally written with the month first and the date second. The and of are not usually used in the spoken form.

May 16 1996

May sixteenth, nineteen ninety-six


This can lead to misunderstandings when dates are given in figures only.


The tenth of December nineteen-ninety-five (British English)

October twelfth, nineteen ninety-five (US English)



A simple way to tell the time is to say the numbers.

7.30 3.45 1.20 seven thirty three forty-five one twenty


Alternatively, you can say:

Half past seven, a quarter to four, twenty past one


In US English, you can choose between two different prepositions.

Half past / after seven, quarter to / of four, twenty past / after one


We do not usually use the twenty-four hour clock unless we are talking about plane or train timetables.

14.00 The meeting is at two o’clock The train leaves at fourteen hundred hours



½ ¾ 12/3 a half three-quarters one and two-thirds


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