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After reading tasks.

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A) Find the English equivalents to the words and expressions

украшать дом, одеваться во все самое лучшее, поехать за город, удочка, что-то вроде завтрака, на случай, если …, не было места, было так жаль, приготовиться к …, порадовать, слёзы.


B) Answer the questions

1. When do Americans celebrate Mother’s Day?

2. Why did the family decide to have a special celebration of Mother’s Day?

3. Did Father go to work?

4. Did the children stay at home?

5. How did they decide to celebrate this day?

6. What did they ask Mother to do?

7. Why was Mother never able to go to the country?

8. Why did they decide that Mother could stay at home?

9. What did the children and Father do in the country?

10. When did they come back home?

11. How did they spend the evening?

c) Let’s talk

1. Was this day a real holiday for Mother? For children and Father? Find the evidence in the text

2. How do you celebrate Woman’s day in your family?

3. Do you have any other traditions in your family?


11. Complete the sentences:

1. It is a good rule in our family to …

2. We have a tradition to …

3. We usually … together with my parents.

4. The thing I like best of all about my … is that he (she) …


12. Insert the prepositions where necessary:

1. I always confide … my elder brother.

2. We get along well … one another.

3. My elder brother is interested … all my affairs.

4. We never quarrel … my sister.

5. Sometimes I am angry … my niece when she pokes her nose into my business.

6. My parents always help … us to cope …difficulties.

7. We are a friendly family and get … well.

8. How many are you … the family? – We are a family … 5.

9. My family is small. It consists … 3 persons.

10. There are 4 members … our family.

11. My Mum is good … keeping the house.

12. We always try to help one … another … our family.

13. I take … my father … character.

14. Is your brother married? – Yes, he is married … Toni Brown.

15. I am … friendly terms … my cousins.

16. We are … the same age … my twin brother.

17. My Dad is 4 years … my mother’s senior.

18. My granny takes care … all her grandchildren and they help her … the house.


13. Complete the sentences:

1. Sometimes we quarrel with … but …

2. Sometimes my mother’s angry with me because …

3. I respect my mother for her …

4. I can fully rely on … because …

5. We get on well with …

6. The thing I like best of all about my … is that he (she) …

7. When I am in trouble I can confide my problems in … because …

8. In order to make a good family it is very important to …

9. There can be misunderstandings in every family but …

10. If you have contradictions with your sister you’d better …

11. It is easier to cope with problems if …

12. The things that make a good family are …


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