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Talking and Writing

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  6. B) Your teacher will offer you one of the variants given below. Translate the sentences into English in writing.
  7. B) Your teacher will offer you one of the variants given below. Translate the sentences into English in writing.

55 The text above suggests a rather comprehensive portrayal of the actor Michael Douglas. We also read about his credo and way of choosing new roles. Based on this information and referring the conversation to pure theorising, let's consider the chances of his picking up the roles listed below at the time when the films were only to be cast. Ground your decisions on the materials of the article and your own perception.

· Tough New York cop John McClane in the Die Hard, actually starring Bruce Willis (1988);

· The veteran Ranger Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) commanding a platoon of men, leader who must act strong in front of his men, but must also hide his emotions from them in the Saving Private Ryan (1998);

· Alejandro Murrieta, successor of Zorro, the champion of the people against the tyranny of Spanish rule, now cocky and comical, swordsman and dancer (Antonio Banderas) in the Mask of Zorro (1998);

· The romantic hero Jack Colton in the 1984 hit Romancing the Stone and its sequel, Jewel of the Nile;

· The young artist Jack in the Titanic, subsequently played by Leonardo DiCaprio (1997);

· Indiana Jones in Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Harrison Ford.


56 Summarising the reading and classroom discussions, write your own article about an actor or actress of your choice. Prior to writing read the stylistic tips below.

ü An article is a piece of formal writing we come across in newspapers and magazines. Depending on the target audience of readers, the article can be more formal or less so.

ü It will most often have a headline that summarises the main point of the article and attracts the reader's interest. Here it is normal practice to leave out auxiliaries, articles and some prepositions. You should also eschew the vocabulary of the article to avoid repetition.

ü The first paragraph may state a strong, firm opinion about what you are writing about, make reference to a strange scene or situation, be addressed to the reader directly (e.g. Have you ever…?), start with a quotation or problem which needs a solution.

ü The last paragraph may state a personal opinion, give the reader something to consider, summarise the article or, again, end with a quotation.



57 Imagine you are a screenwriter and you've got an idea for a film or a remake. There are a lot of old films, now in obscurity, which could be given a new life, with the new awareness, sophistication, technology and possibility to attract megastars. You talk to a director/producer about a film that is a household name, but nobody would care to watch it again now (Choose a film!). You presume that M. Douglas could be given the leading role and he would take this remake to worldwide acclaim and you would become famous. The director/producer, however, sees pitfalls. Consider the circumstances in a conversation in pairs, don't accept each other's arguments too quickly and give reasons. Finally, come to some arrangement.


Arguments FOR (Incentives) Arguments AGAINST (Pitfalls)
· People would rather go to see the actor and less the film itself. · Miracles take place only in films and romantic fiction.
· His talent would redeem the film's possible flaws. · He might well refuse the role.
· His co-operative attitudes on the set would add to the creative atmosphere of the film shooting. · He only works with the very best directors (Sorry!).
· Douglas would introduce the know-how of experienced filmmaking. · We wouldn't carry the costs.
· This would be only the beginning of long-standing collaboration. · It's still an open question whether he fits the role.



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