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Talking and Writing. 37 Share your experiences of seeing a good action film

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  6. B) Your teacher will offer you one of the variants given below. Translate the sentences into English in writing.
  7. B) Your teacher will offer you one of the variants given below. Translate the sentences into English in writing.

37 Share your experiences of seeing a good action film. Give an idea of the plot outline and comment on the film's aspects. Consider if the film of your choice is comparable with Gladiator or Terminator-2, grounding the opinions on your experience, the reviews and comments above.

38 Write a review on this or another action & adventure film involving the vocabulary we have been through and following the established format, given below.

Introduction Background of the film: where and when the story is set, who directed the film, who stars in the film, casting overview, what blend of genres it is.
Paragraph 2 Plot outline: where the tale begins, what events the film’s plot revolves around, twists of the plot, parallel story-lines, climax, end. When describing the plot use the present tense.
Paragraph 3 General comments: assessment of the script, message, characters, casting, direction, camerawork, performances, pacing, memorable moments, score, special effects, your reaction to the film.
Conclusion Whether you recommend the film, if it is worth seeing on a big screen or waiting until it comes out on video, if it is acceptable for children and your overall evaluation.



39 Imagine that the local film studios have announced a contest for the best action film script. There will be allowance for youth and lack of experience, probably undeveloped talent for this specific activity, but the initiative is encouraged. Now you think that a lot of bed-time stories, which you heard back in your childhood, sounded pretty sinister and they might well be developed into a respectable script for one of the various kinds of action films. The list of ideas is innumerable: "Doughnut (Kolobok)", "Red Riding Hood (Chervona Shapochka)", "Wolf and the Seven Kids", etc.
You decide to participate, think of a suitable plot, possibly, introduce additional characters, but you feel you need somebody to work jointly with, to generate ideas and, perhaps, give you confidence.
Try to sell your desk-mate on this idea. Tell him/her about the contest, the terms and share your initial ideas. The friend will either be critical and try to stay clear of it or will contribute their own ideas. The objective is to find a way to concoct a winning script that will correspond to and comply with the requirements of the genre.

40 Share your draft ideas with the class. Listen to the praise or criticism and respond to either of them appropriately.


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