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Corrupt, rehash, savoir-faire, relentless, heart-rending, vacuity, stomach, paucity, redeeming, atrocious

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1. Її невтомне прагнення до досконалості дало нам дворазову олімпійську чемпіонку. 2. Місцеве населення розмовляло каліченою французькою мовою. 3. Він не переносив займатися латиною. 4. У нас бідні докази для винесення вироку. 5. Його ессе було лише конспектом моєї лекції, викладеним іншими словами. 6. Єдине, що приваблює на цій роботі – це гарна зарплата. 7. Цей приємний юнак розмовляє французькою з жахливим акцентом. 8. Нинішньому керівництву доведеться докласти багато винахідливості, щоб знайти вихід з даного становища. 9. Фільм нагадував мильну оперу, заповнену беззмістовними діалогами з відсутністю драми. 10. Я не пригадую історії, щоб краяла серце сильніше.

33 This exercise is to consolidate the knowledge of the vocabulary of the Comments. Provide synonyms or synonymous expressions from the list below to substitute the vocabulary in brackets. This is not a coherent text and each sentence must be viewed as independent.

Vacuity, redeeming, pattern, rehash, heart-rending, got around to, scenery, atrocious, cinephiles, overrated, flick, substance, mundane, mediocrity, running to, sketching, oblivion, ridiculing, masterful, villain

a. Gary Oldman is in great, over-the-top form as the (1) _______________ (bad character).

b. Why did she end up with the worst character in the film, one without any (2) _______________ (positive) features?

c. The film Patriot follows a similar (3) _______________ (outline).

d. The director resorted to some trite (4) _______________ (old trick).

e. Many people lawfully resent Hollywood (5) for _______________ (mocking) history.

f. After a long delay he (6) _______________ (went about) writing the new version of the much-filmed story.

g. The film boasts (7) _______________ (expert) cinematography and a refined story.

h. There is a number of unsuited and annoying (8) _______________ (appalling) scenes.

i. The sequel was much awaited and cheered by the (9) _______________ (cinema addicts).

j. The poor psychology, the mediocre (10) _______________ (setting) and the bad editing turns the whole thing into an average (11) _______________ (film) with lots of visual effects to compensate the lack of (12) _______________ (essence). Many people point to the (13) _______________ (emptiness) of the script and the (14) _______________ (weakness) of its production! Many critics attribute its success to its favourable contrast to even more (15) _______________ (boring) movies.

k. The poor character (16) _______________ (design) and inexcusable holes in the plot drown the film in (17) _______________ (nothingness). Generally, owing to the glaring flaws, it seems to be (18) _______________ (overvalued). Sure it has many classic dramatic scenes that are almost (19) _______________ (heartbreaking). (20) _______________ (applying for) the Oscar nominations as the clear favorite, Gladiator's final number of Oscars ended up being somewhat like a big disappointment (there were only five).

34 (Optional) Pair off and let a partner read the sentences of the previous exercise one by one as they are, with the interlocutor repeating them in the paraphrased form, as the exercise requires.

35 Read a comment on the film "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and fill in the gapped places with expressions preceding the comment.

a) simplism of the screenplay b) captures the mood c) stomach intensity
d) a movie that looks good and grasps our heart e) effortlessly from scene to scene f) intensity and nail-biting excitement
g) first and foremost h) In all his wonder and marvel i) Considering its plot and its message
j) This elevates action to the next stage k) lives up to expectations l) that work perfectly with his role
m) paucity of the dialogue    


"Terminator 2: Judgment Day", the excellent sequel to the original sci-fi thriller, is ultimately the best movie of its kind, and that's for sure. The outstanding story, the astounding visual effects and everything as a whole is just perfect. The action scenes still entertain me beyond belief and I can't get enough of anything in this movie even after watching the movie a hundred times.


Every single important character is extremely well developed. There is no usual (1) _________ and the (2) _________. The movie flows (3) _________ while at the same time creating ultimate (4) _________. James Cameron knows a thing or two about action. The direction, photography, story, and effects are at the top of their game. The absolutely perfect score (5) _________ of the movie. James Cameron must be commended for this.


Although the film's story isn't quite as tight or inventive as the original Terminator (there might be a few plot holes), director James Cameron has crafted an intense, exciting roller coaster ride, filled with jaw-dropping special effects, breakneck action and a surprisingly effective emotional undercurrent, (6)_________. Most notable for being one of the first films to seamlessly combine a large amount of computer graphics with live action. (7) _________, I see this movie as (8) _________, a human story. The whole premise of this story is the fight for humankind. Humans vs. Machines.

T2 capitalizes on Arnold Schwarzenegger's increased stardom by changing the character from creature of destruction to lovable protector. (9)_________ Arnold has the looks (10) _________. Arnold Schwarzenegger may have never won an Oscar, but he was definitely born for the role of the Terminator. He knows how to act like a machine, and he also knows how to add a small human touch to the character of the machine. (11)_________. The acting in the movie more than (12) _________. The nice Terminator, the creepy and evil T-1000 – a relentless, ruthless killing machine, Sarah Connor, John Connor and others are so memorable and so great.


I was blown out of my seat with the EXTREME, continuously dazzling, (13) _________ special effects, and chase scenes.This movie certainly provides a lot more than a two-hour adrenaline rush. I would recommend it to anyone who can (14) _________ and enjoy a sci-fi story.

36 How does the "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" conform to the assessment criteria? Look at it from the perspective of the criteria you have developed.


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