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DR. MORTIMER: I got that covered. Tomorrow we are going to the port. You will get the best seats in town to watch the show.

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VOICE: Starring Dr. Mortimer Imminent, little Diana and the love of her life Henry. Just one performance, don’t miss it!

(DR. MORTIMER smiles, lies in his chair and starts to fall asleep)


Scene 6

Evening in the port, warehouse. HENRY has just finished carrying the crates.

HENRY: Well, I guess I’m done for today. The only question left is: how do I get 300-something bucks of John’s. Let’s think about it. I could ask my cousin Frank to lend me some! No, that’s not gonna work, he is broke as hell; he will never lend me a penny. I could, though, go to that pub I spotted the other day and take some money from coulpe’o poor drunk fellas. After all, I’ll be doing a good thing. They won’t spend a penny on booze if they have no cash on them. So, I will benefit while doing some community service. But the bartender might spot me and then goodbye to the best Gin in town. Not that I really like gin, but the one they serve is pretty good. Didn’t get to try their bourbon since I’ve been twice, but the gin is really something. Wait, what am I thinking ‘bout? I need to figure out how to get John’s money.

(DIANA enters the warehouse)

DIANA: Hi, Henry. Are you happy to see me again?

HENRY: Oh, hi there. (to himself) I could try to ask that loan shark Bruno. Yeah, and then I will owe him and his goons a lot more in some two-three weeks. No, that’s not it.

DIANA: Henry, don’t you want to tell me something?

HENRY (impatiently): Sorry, ma’am, I would like to have a chat with you right now, but you have taken too much of my time, so now I want to be alone for some ten-twenty minutes. (to himself) So, where was I? What if I’ll just run away and hide somewhere? But where am I going to hide? There are no places I could go to. Well, that’s not the way, either…

DIANA: Do you want to take a walk with me to calm yourself down, to forget all your worries? I believe that my company is all you need right now.

HENRY (angrily): Listen, I am in real trouble. I owe my colleague a hell load’o money and if I don’t return it today I’ll be totally screwed. And by the way, it is partly your fault.

DIANA (angrily): My fault?

HENRY: Yes, it is! You distracted me a lot throughout past two days. Now I need to find a way to return my card debt and quickly, so move along and don’t disturb me.

DIANA: Well, Henry, you know what: you will be mine no matter what. I have been waiting for too long. Tonight, after sunset, we will be together, forever and even death won’t do us apart, you hear that!

HENRY: What the hell are you talking about? I met you two days ago and yet you have caused me a lot of troubles. And why should I be with you? I don’t even know your name.

DIANA: The voodoo doctor performed a ritual; he made two dolls, dolls, symbolizing our love. After sunset we will finally be together whether you like it or not. And my name is…

(JOHN enters the warehouse)

JOHN: Well, well, well, Henry, mah boy… The day has come to return that huge debt of yours. Do you have my money with you right now?

HENRY (nervously): Oh, John, hi. Um… you see…

DIANA (interrupts him, hysterically): What do you want from my Henry?

(JOHN pushes DIANA aside and comes close to HENRY)

JOHN: Shut up, it’s none of your business. (to HENRY) Now, where was I? Oh, yes, the debt. So, is the money on you?

HENRY: John, look…

JOHN: Shh. I am asking if the money is on you.

HENRY: Well, no, but…

JOHN: You probably left it at home. No? Then, it is on your bank account. Not even there? So, it must be well hidden somewhere in your private vault deep under the ground. Am I wrong again? Oh, that’s a shame, ‘cuz it leaves me with the only possible option: you simply don’t. Have. My. Money. I knew that you will never collect this sum in time, and now I am ready to teach you a lesson. (takes out a revolver, points it on HENRY) You will now see what happens to those, who mess with John Chesterfield!


(DIANA grabs the barrel of the revolver and starts to fight with JOHN over it. The revolver shoots. The bullet goes through the hearts of DIANA and HENRY, HENRY falls on the ground, DIANA falls on him)

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