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Переведите следующие предложения с опорой на текст.

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1. У птиц есть так называемое «седьмое чувство», которое позволяет им, не теряясь, летать над землей и водой.

2. Navigation is the art of finding your way from where you start your destination.

3. Навигация делится на три категории, независимо от того, пользуется: моряк, исследователь или летчик.

4. And hundreds of radio navigation stations are located at different places around the world to help guide the pilot.

5. Приборы-измерители дистанции точно указывают, как далеко летчик от радионавигационной станции, и с какой скоростью он летит?

6. Radio receiver indicators help the pilot descend on the runway, thus landing at an airport even though he cannot see the ground.

7. С помощью электронного ретранслятора, который показывает самолет на экране радара, диспетчеры ведут сотни самолетов на посадку.

8. Because of the great improvement in electronic and radio navigation equipment, flying to where you are going is done as efficiently as the birds do it and much more scientifically.


Переведите текст 16.5. без словаря.



Thing about the air-to-surface missile is that it enables a bomber to release its weapon before reaching the most heavily defended part of an enemy’s territory.


* * *

Here is a definition of air superiority as it is understood by US AF experts. A power is said to have air superiority within a given airspace when: (a) its aircraft of all types can operate without serious interference from the enemy, and (b) it can limit the The E-3A AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) aircraft is equipped with extensive radar, communication and navigational devices.

The system has a dual use. It is used for airborne surveillance and as a command post. The E-3A provides long range low level surveillance of all air vehicles in all weather and above all kinds of terrain. As a command post this aircraft is able to command and control all kinds of air actions: strike, air superiority, support, aircraft reconnaissance and interdiction.


* * *

There are two types of smart bombs currently in use by the USAF - the laser-guided bomb and electro-optical or HOBO* bombs. The former type of munition is used in 500, 2000 and 3000 lb. categories and the HOBO bomb is produced in 2000 and 3000 lb. sizes.

The laser-guided type consists of a conventional bomb to which stabilizer fins* and a guidance module with a laser seeker* are added. The electro-optical bomb has control surfaces at the rear with a TV guidance module at the front. The weapon is released after lock-on* by the bomb’s camera. The guidance module steers the bomb to the target automatically.

* * *

The air-to air missile is an important type of modern aircraft armaments. Modern missiles of this type are usually guided by radar or infrared homing device, or sometimes a combination of the two.

An important enemy’s aircraft to shallow penetrations of the airspace.


* * *

A search-radar is switched on in danger zone so that when an attacking fighter shows itself on the screen, it is automatically tracked and engaged by the gun when it approaches within a range. Any equipment used to assist the pilot, bombardier* or gunner to bring the aircraft, guns or launcher in proper relation to a target is considered to be fire-control equipment.


* Notes

HOBO (Homing Optical Bomb)- авиац. бомба с оптическим самонаведением


stabilizer fins - блок стабилизаторов

seeker - головка самонаведения (ГСН)

lock-on - захват цели

bombardier - оператор системы самонаведения самолета

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