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G. Перепишите и переведите текст.

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Факультет Экономики и управления

Fairs and Exhibitions.

Every year a lot of international, national and specialized exhibitions and fairs take place in different countries of the world. The number of countries and companies which take part in them is growing from year to year and the scope of fairs and exhibitions is becoming larger. A wide range of exhibitions shows the latest achievements in different fields of industry, science and agriculture of many countries.

The participants in the fairs and exhibitions negotiate the sale and the purchase of different goods at special commercial centers. Every exhibition or fair is a demonstration of experience and also a method to advertise products. International fairs and exhibitions pare the way for consolidation of friendship among countries and nations.


Факультет Юриспруденции

An innocent man.

Last night, Joe Bloggs was arrested on suspicion of robbery. The police had no proof that he had committed the crime and Joe denied the charge saying he had a good alibi. When he was put on trial, the police called several witnesses to the stand but Joe’s lawyer defended his client well and tried to prove that Joe had not done anything illegal. However, the jury found Joe guilty and he was sentenced to six months in prison. As Joe had never committed a crime before this was a very heavy punishment. Most people were convinced of Joe’s innocence and his lawyer appealed against the verdict.


Факультет психологии

Culture shock

Penny, a friend of mine, has just got back from a trip to Japan. She had a very enjoyable time but there were occasions, she says, when the rather formal behavior of her hosts led to moments of cultural confusion, and at times she even felt embarrassed by some of the mistakes she made. For example, it is usual for Europeans to call each other by their first names, but this is not the typical way of addressing people in Japan. Now, because Penny was anxious to show everyone how friendly she was, she called everyone by there first name. Most people were sympathetic because she was obviously a foreigner but some became quite bad-tempered and showed little sympathy. At first, Penny found bowing to people quite amusing – she is, after all, an actress but after a while it became a bit tiresome having to bow to everyone you met. Penny is not at all shy – she loves meeting new people – but after the first few misunderstandings she was afraid to open her mouth in case she offended someone.


Факультет Журналистики

The Info-Revolution

We have all seen an enormous increase in the role of the mass media in people’s lives. First of all, the growth of the press, of both serious and popular newspapers, has been tremendous. Public opinion is influenced by powerful editors who not only own our newspapers which often have a circulation of millions, but who also own television and radio networks in many different countries. The huge quantity of information that people have to deal with has rocketed with the advent of satellite and cable television. At the same time, more and more people have access to personal computers. Information available at home via the Internet is infinite.



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