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G. Перепишите и переведите текст. Факультет Экономики и управления

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Факультет Экономики и управления

Money talks

Most American consumers read labels carefully and regularly shop at sales. But there is one exception – credit cards. They Americans charge 500 billion dollars on their credit cards every year. Rich says two-third of these people pay only a portion of their monthly bills. That means they’ll have to pay a high interest on the remainder. But people like using credit cards because they don’t like waiting to get anything. Plastic money has become an important part of American life-style. So, when you want to pay for something, you’ll hear a question: “Cash or charge?”.

On my daily walking tours of Manhattan I did a lot of window shopping too. On Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue the prices gave me quite a shock. I once saw a scarf costing over $ 1,000. My friends explained me that money was no object for customers who shopped there. This is where money really talks!


Факультет Юриспруденции

It’s a crime

Thieves have been around for centuries, probably for as long as humans, but armed robbery is a more recent phenomenon. Unfortunately women have always been the victims of rape and domestic violence. Forgery has been around ever since printing has been used to make money or produce documents. Rich people or their children are sometimes kidnapped and are not set free until a ransom has been paid. The twentieth century has seen the appearance of many organized crimes such as hijacking and drug-smuggling or drug-trafficking. Statistics show an alarming rise in the rate of violent crimes and crimes to do with the illegal sale of arms across the world. Perhaps the most recent crime of all is hacking in to computers to access information that helps competitors in industry. This increase in international crime makes one wonder whether it is still true to say “Crime doesn’t pay”.


Факультет психологии

Smells that work

It takes two seconds for a smell to enter your nose and travel to a part of the brain which controls memory end emotions. You probably do not realize what is making you hungry or suddenly quite calm.

Smells nice! Banks and hotels pulp fruit fragrances into reception areas. Supermarkets use smells such as bread to make you want to buy. Travel agencies use coconut oil fragrances to persuade customers to travel to places where sunshine is the main attraction.
Fragrances are calming. A New York clinic that used the smell of vanilla found that patients who attended regularly reported a reduction in stress of 65%. Airlines put lavender smells in planes to calm people who are nervous.

Benefits for employees. Japanese companies use lemon smells to increase energy during the working day and flower scents to improve concentration before and after lunch.


Факультет Журналистики

Media hype

The mass media refers to the people and organizations that provide news and information for the public. Until recently these were mainly newspapers< television and radio. Today? Computers play a very big part. The internet is a computer system that allows millions of people around the world to receive and exchange information about almost anything. Ordinary post has been taken over by e-mail which stands for electronic mail because it is sent and received via a computer. It's a system that allows people to send messages to each other quickly and cheaply. Ordinary post is now referred to as "snail mail" and one wonders if the postman is a job in danger of extinction.

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