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The Su-80GP multi-purpose mixed cargo aircraft

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The Su-80GP multi-purpose mixed cargo aircraft is designed to carry, in a pressured cabin, 30 passengers or cargo weighing up to 3,300kg on commuter and regional air routes in any geographical setting, in daytime and at night, under favourable and adverse weather conditions.

The aeroplane is certified under AP-25 airworthiness standards for transport aircraft.

The design/configuration concept is that of a twin-boom high-wing monoplane of normal aerodynamic configuration with a highly-mechanised unswept high-aspect-ratio wing. The tail unit is formed by two vertical fins each placed on one of two tail

booms and joined at the top with a horizontal stabiliser. The plane's fuselage is a separate module with attachment lugs for nose landing gear, wing and support pylons. The booms house engines, equipment bays and aeroplane systems. The fuselage

Рис. 6. The Su-80 GP multi-purpose mixed cargo aircraft

houses a radar bay, cockpit, avionics bay and mixed cargo cabin. The plane has retractable tricycle landing gear with a nose strut. The cargo ramp in the rear fuselage is used to board passengers and load/unload cargo.

Aeroplane is fitted with two ST7-9B turboprop engines developed by General Electric (USA), which are installed in the bays at the front of the booms.

The cockpit is engineered for a two-member crew. The standard-configuration mixed-cargo cabin is designed to accommodate 30 passenger seats in a 2+2 arrangement and a seat for a flight attendant. The total passenger/cargo cabin space available is 27m3. Luggage space is provided for at the tail-end of fuselage. The passenger/cargo cabin design enables its reconfiguration for transport of cargo in pallets or in bulk.

The plane's takeoff and landing performance and landing gear with low-pressure tyres make it possible to use it on small airfields, including unpaved, ice and snow-covered runways.

The aircraft can be used in a wide temperature range: –50˚C to +45˚C.

G limit (operational): +2.7…-1.

The design provides for multi-role configuration:

· mixed cargo aircraft Su-80GP,

· transport aircraft Su-80GP-100.

The Su-80 GP's hallmark is its convertibility, i.e., an option of quick reconfiguration from a passenger plane into a cargo carrier and back. Preliminary estimates indicate that this will enable the aircraft to accrue more flying time on commuter airlines than any dedicated passenger or cargo aircraft.

The Su-80 was developed based on the requirements for a modern aircraft to be used on commuter and regional air routes, such requirements having been identified as a result of analysing the aircraft inventory in Russia and abroad, the nature and conditions of aircraft deployment and data on typical routes.


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