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Topical vocabulary

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  6. Ex. 11. Read VOCABULARY and memorize new words.
  7. Ex. 15. Compose 2-3 sentences using the words of the VOCABULARY.

1. to enter university поступать

2. to pass examinations сдавать экзамены

3. to obtain получать, приобретать

4. fierce жесткий

1. tuition обучение

2. expenses расходы

3. income доход

4. to last длиться, продолжаться

5. to do subject изучать предмет

6. to carry out research проводить исследования

7. to give a lecture читать лекций

8. to take notes вести конспекты

9. fairly довольно

10. to approve одобрять

11. fresher первокурсник, новичок

12. exciting захватывающий

13. campus территория университета

14. to persuade убеждать

15. entirely всецело


Ex.1.Suggest the Russian for:


2.to pass examinations

3.to obtain

4. tuition





9. to do research on

10.to do a lecture

11. entirely


13.to approve



16.to persuade



Ex.2.Match the words and phrases in column A with those in column B


1.adult вести конспекты

2. to approve территория университета

3. campus взрослый

4.tuition убеждать

5. to persuade захватывающий

6.exciting одобрять

7. entirely обучение

8. to take notes доход

9. income всецело


Ex.3.Find the required synonyms to the following words and phrases.


1. to enter university to get

2. to obtain to go to university

3. teaching to do a lecture

4. to last to do research on

5. to do subject tuition

6.to carry out research to go on for

7.to give a lecture to study subject


Ex.4.What do we call:

1.the money some students receive if they get a place at university?

2.the qualification you get at the end of university?

3.the name we give students during the first period at university?

4. teachers at university?

5. students when they have completed their first degree?

6.students studying for a second degree?

7.the study of one subject in great depth and detail, often to get new information?

8. the talks that students go to while they are at university?


Ex.5. Translate into English.

1.Не очень то просто поступить в университеты Англии. 2. В основном принимают туда хорошо подготовленных студентов. 3.Студенты первых курсов живут в студенческом общежитии. 4. Некоторые студенты получают грант от местных властей. 5. В большинстве случаев возраст поступающих 18 лет.6. По окончании первой степени вы являетесь выпускником.


Ex.6.Answer the questions on the text and summarize the text.

1. How can you enter university in England?

2. How long do university courses last?

3. When do students receive a degree?

4. How many degrees are there?

5. Why do 18 and 19 olds choose a college as far away from home as possible?

6.Where do often freshers live?

7.What do all the clubs and societies do to persuade the new students to join their society?

8. How often do they have seminars and tutorials?

9. What do students do at seminars?


Grammar: The Present Perfect Continuous Tense.


Affirmative Negative Interrogative
Ihave been working He has been working She has been working It has been working We have been working You have been working They have been working Ihave not been working He has not been working She has not been working It has not been working We have not been working You have not been working They have not been working HaveIbeen working? Hashebeen working? Hasshe been working? Hasit been working? Havewebeen working? Haveyoubeen working? Havetheybeen working?

I’ve been working He’s been working I haven’t been working He hasn’t been working


· The Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

· Inclusive: denotes an action which began in the past, has been going on up to the present and still going on. It is usually used with: -since, for I have been learning English for 10 years.(It is rendered in Russian by the present.)

· Exclusive: denotes an action which was recently in progress, but is no longer going on at the present moment. There are puddles everywhere. It has been raining hard.

Ex.7.Put the verb in brackets into the Present Perfect Continuous.


1.I (work) on this problem for two months.2. She (sleep) all this time? 3. “Are there any news about your latest project?” – “I just (tell) about it.” 4. He says he (not/ feel) well for the past week. 5. I (not/ sleep) well for months. 6.We (see) each other regularly since the party at Helen’s.7. “Jack isn’t working now.” – “He (not/work) for years.”


Ex.8.Make up sentences using the Present Perfect Continuous.

Example: Suzy is in her riding boots (she/ride) – She has been riding.

1.Have a rest now.(you /work too hard/ lately).........

2.You are shivering(you / stand / in this cold / long?).........

3.Her hands are red and wet. (she / scrub /the floors / for three hours).........

4.The children are quite voiceless.(they / sing at the top of their voices/ since morning)

Ex.9. Translate into English.

1. Ты давно меня ждешь? 2.Как давно у вас болит нога? 3. Он занимается уже три часа. 4.Я учу испанский с сентября. 5. Анна ищет работу шесть месяцев. 6.Мой брат курит десять лет. 7. Они работают в Манчестере с 1 марта. 8.С какого возраста ты играешь в шахматы? 9. Как давно вы живете в этом городе?


Ex.10.Use the Present Continuous or the Present Perfect Continuous.

1. He had barely entered the room when his secretary said: ” Somebody (ring) for you for the last five minutes.” 2. I (read) Shakespeare in your absence and now I (try) to learn this beautiful sonnet. 3.”What the children (do)? ”- “ They (play) games all morning and now they (learn) to tell time by the position of the sun.”4. Many people believe that our climate (change) very markedly. 5. I (collect) the pictures with bridges since I graduated from the University.



Unit 5


Text: Education in the USA.

Grammar: The Past Perfect Continuous Tense.

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